In one picture: why you shouldn’t get your climate information from the @dailykos

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Watts Up With That?

From the department of photoshopped bipolar behavior comes this hilarious photograph that accompanies a headline of doom from the leftist cesspool known as the Daily Kos.

It just doesn’t get any better than this from the Kos kids. Thank you for making life entertaining with this epic failure.


Tom Nelson spotted it and wrote in a tweet:

In article about the Arctic, puts a photoshopped penguin on the “Ursus Bogus” iceberg, attribution NCAR!

It’s the same fake ice floe that caught out Science magazine a few years ago with the polar bear photoshopped in:


You can get one with a Penguin (or three) from the photo library, as seen below:

If you like the background it is also available with one penguin:

Or three penguins:

But you just have to remember one very important detail before using it:

Penguins don’t live at the…

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Mortal Danger: Wind Turbines Throw Blades, Disintegrate & Collapse with Alarming Regularity



More turbine mayhem, this time it’s Siemens turbines – less than 4 years old – collapsing on Maui – an island in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Parts fall off wind turbine
The Maui News
Lee Imada
4 October 2016


The blades, hub and nacelle of one of eight Auwahi Wind turbines in the Kanaio area separated from the tower and fell to the ground Sunday, an official with the wind-power generation company said Monday.

There were no injuries, and the damage was limited to the one turbine, said Jill Howard, manager of communications and marketing for San Diego-based Sempra U.S. Gas & Power, the owner of the wind farm.

“We are in the very early stages of investigating the situation and gathering facts,” Howard said in an email Monday night. “This includes working closely with Siemens, the turbine manufacturer, to determine the root cause and corrective actions.”

As a precaution, all of…

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Sturgeon’s wind turbines cost UK £90m a year – to stay SWITCHED OFF

Nobody ever said it would be cheap to save the planet;-)


By Paul Homewood

h/t Philip Bratby


Last week I revealed that subsidies to Scottish renewables were costing £718 million a year, equivalent to £135 for every man, woman and child in Scotland, if they had to pay the bill themselves.

To this figure it seems we can add another £90 million, for constraint payments!

From the Express:

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