Australian Senate to Turn Up the Blowtorch on the Great Wind Power Fraud

About time we had one of these over here!


blow-torch_01Australian Senate turns the blowtorch on the wind power fraud.

The Senate is about to launch into a full-blown attack on the wind industry and the fictions which have sustained it. Until now.

We’ll open the batting with some moaning from the greentard’s favourite megaphone, The Guardian.

Crossbench senators back another inquiry into wind power
The Guardian
Lenore Taylor
18 November 2014

Examination into the effects of wind energy on power prices, human health and wildlife set to go ahead

Senators opposed to wind energy are set to establish yet another inquiry into its alleged effects on power prices, human health and wildlife – but the government is insisting they have to abolish an existing inquiry to set it up.

On the list of inquiries that could go is an investigation of the Abbott government’s budget cuts or the Palmer United party-instigated inquiry into “Queensland government administration”.

The new inquiry…

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NCDC Grubers America, Yet Again

Hottest on record? Yes if you cook the data like there is no tomorrow;-)

Real Science

The experts at the National Climatic Data Center report that October was 4th warmest on record in the US, despite the fact that their own thermometers show it was 24th warmest – after 1947, 1963, 1884, 1900, 1882, 1950, 1881, 1931, 1938, 2007, 1953, 1918, 1956, 1897, 1910, 1927, 1971, 1934, 1973, 1941, 1940, 1962 and 1914

1947 and 1963 were nearly four degrees warmer.

ScreenHunter_4610 Nov. 15 18.44

They accomplished this by massively cooling the past, and warming the present. More than two degrees of data tampering!

ScreenHunter_4624 Nov. 16 08.45

The animation below shows how they completely corrupt the US temperature record, turning a century long cooling trend into a warming trend.


North America had the eighth highest October snow extent on record, yet NCDC claims it was fourth warmest here.

ScreenHunter_4612 Nov. 15 18.58

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

In summary, NCDC is faking numbers and lying through their teeth.

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UK’s Out of Control Wind Power Debacle Sets Brits up for Winters of Discontent

The politicians won’t be able to ignore this sort of press for much longer, though they will continue to blame private energy companies for having the temerity to generate a profit for their shareholders.


cold lady Rug up luv. Thanks to insanely expensive & utterly unreliable
wind power, you’re in for many more Winters of Discontent.

Homeowners face £1,000 increase in electricity bills: ‘Folly’ of relying on wind power ‘will cost homes £26bn by 2030’
The Daily Mail
Corey Charlton
15 October 2014

  • Wind farm reliance could see costly electricity bills and winter power cuts
  • Experts claim it will lead to costs being passed on to consumers
  • Next winter’s electricity production margins are at an ‘all time low’

Homeowners are facing electricity bill increases of £1,000 and winter power cuts if the Government continues to rely on wind farms, experts warn.

A new report claims that if the Government continues to chase renewable wind power, the average household bill will soar by £1,000, costing homes £26billion by 2030.

The report, submitted to the Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, was authored by the Scientific Alliance.


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Harrabin Ignores BBC Guidelines On Cooling Tower Images

I wonder what proportion of our tax payer’s licence fee goes into funding the BBC propaganda (whoops environmental) unit? Whatever it is – it is too much!


By Paul Homewood


The BBC have been up to their usual, dishonest tricks again, with photos suggesting black smoke coming out of power station cooling towers.

Reader, Ron Hughes, has formally complained, and has received some helpful information from Colin Tregear, who works with the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit.

The Editorial Guidelines have a section on images, containing this specific guideline for accuracy:

Care should be taken not to use images to mislead the audience.

This could not be clearer, and it is difficult to see how the above picture does not mislead.

But the case of cooling tower images has already specifically been addressed in a BBC Trust finding on a Panorama programme in 2008. Below are the Trust’s findings:

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Green Levies To Cost £10bn by 2020

Another sobering “what the greens won’t tell you” article


By Paul Homewood


The Telegraph report:

Green levies on energy bills will more than double by 2020 and treble by 2030, new government analysis shows.

Every household now pays £68 a year to subsidise renewable energy projects such as wind farms, solar panels and biomass plants and to fund carbon taxes, according to official analysis published on Thursday.

The policies, which are intended to help tackle global warming, account for about 5 per cent on an annual energy bill of £1,369, Government documents show.

But that sum is forecast to rise significantly in order to fund more wind farms and new nuclear plants, rising carbon taxes and a new scheme to ensure there are enough back-up power plants when the wind doesn’t blow.

By 2020 such levies are forecast to total £141 a year – 11 per cent of an annual bill of £1,319 – and by 2030 they…

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Highest Since 2001

Someone forgot to tell the ice about climate change!


By Paul Homewood


Arctic sea has been growing so strongly since the September minimum that it has now reached the highest extent for Nov 3rd since 2001. At 9.530 million sq km, it is 97% of the 1981-2010 average.


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