Remember when the calving of the Petermann Glacier was a sure sign of ‘global warming’? Never mind.

Watts Up With That?

WUWT readers may recall some articles we did years back debunking the alarm over the Petermann glacier calving off a large iceberg. In case you are unfamiliar, it’s what glaciers do. But, this particular event was seen as a bad omen of the planet, as this 2012 article in The Independent illustrates:

The whole Petermann glacier is the “canary in the coal mine” thing got started back is 2010, when a calving produced an iceberg 4 times the size of Manhattan Island. WUWT reported then:

There was all sorts of media caterwauling related to that. It all got started when activists scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) started making wild claims like The Arctic is screaming, and the “Arctic would be ice free by summer of 2012“. Those are some famously bad (and failed) quotes by NSIDC’s Mark Serreze [and…

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BBC’s Bogus Claims About “The Drowning Solomon Islands”

BBC alarmist propaganda debunked again


By Paul Homewood

Today’s fake news comes from the BBC:


The Solomon Islands are thought to be the first populated place to see islands disappear under the sea.



Land has always been at a premium in the Solomon Islands. When one wave of immigrants arrived they found all the prime land occupied by fearsome headhunters. They responded by building artificial islands on top of reefs. These  are incredibly vulnerable to sea level rise. Storms or tsunamis can wipe them out at a stroke.




Despite the risk, the “saltwater people” continue to build new islands and celebrate their heritage at events like the Shell Money Festival.



Money has been promised by international donors to help the low lying islands of the Pacific but it’s already too late for some.

When their coastal farmland was spoiled by rising sea water the residents of one of…

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6,100 jobs go at Siemens power division as ‘market burns to the ground’

I take no pleasure in anyone losing their job, but this is an inevitable consequence of an artificial market driven by subsidies.


By Paul Homewood

We touched on this story a couple of weeks ago, and now it looks as if the job losses are real:


Siemens is to release two per cent of its global workforce, mainly in Germany, as its power and gas division continues to suffer from the onslaught of clean energy expansion.
6,100 jobs are to go before 2020 in the power division alone, with a further 800 in other departments. “The market is burning to the ground,” Siemens board member Janina Kugel who is in charge of group human resources, told journalists in a call following the announcement.

The company’s lucrative $9bn order for its Egyptian mega-project shielded the company from a much worse situation, as its traditionally strong gas-fired turbine manufacturing business continues to suffer in the shadow of renewable energy revolution.
power generation industry is experiencing disruption of unprecedented scope and speed,” Siemens management…

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Another vanished beach in Ireland reappears – Ashleam Bay

Nature defying the climate models again.

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Ashleam Bay, County Mayo [image credit: discover Mayo]
Loads of free publicity for the local tourist industry. How many vanished beaches can there be?

Another vanished beach has just appeared on Achill Island, reports IrishCentral. Dooagh Beach’s re-emergence led to worldwide attention and now Ashleam Bay has a sandy strand too.

The County Mayo island on the Wild Atlantic Way made international headlines back in May after the sea retreated to reveal the pristine sandy white Dooagh Beach that locals had not seen for 33 years.

12 television crews made the trip out to Ireland’s largest offshore island and an estimated 1.16 billion people read about the story online.

Now, a similar phenomenon has happened at Ashleam Bay, where the Atlantic usually crashes against hard rocks and pebbles, but is now lapping up against soft, wet sand.

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BBC Failing To Challenge Alarmist Intervieees – Booker


By Paul Homewood

From this week’s Booker column:


Three weeks ago, the BBC was happy to apologise for a breach of its legal obligation to report only with “accuracy and impartiality”, after an interviewer on the Today programme had failed to challenge a point which the global warming sceptic Lord Lawson had got wrong.

Yet in recent days, as Today has gone into overdrive to puff the latest UN climate talks in Bonn, it has repeatedly failed to challenge a string of climate alarmist interviewees on claims much more wildly misleading than anything said by Lord Lawson.

When, for instance, a professor from the Grantham Institute wanted to correct any idea that computer models had got wrong their predictions of rising global temperatures, she was allowed to claim, unchallenged, that they had all been “bang on”.

Yet last March, when Dr John Christy, who runs one of the two official…

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If You Want The Facts, Don’t Bother Reading Jillian Ambrose!


By Paul Homewood

More hot air from Jillian Ambrose in yesterday’s Telegraph!


If the Paris accord was the spark igniting the global fight against climate change, then the latest round of talks, held in Bonn, served to fan the flames.

These were not talks intending to deliver bombshell moments for the 10,000 government delegates, 8,000 business and policy leaders or the 2,000 members of the media who gathered near the Rhine. These talks were about tightening the bolts on the Paris Agreement to drive momentum behind the global climate juggernaut.

It has been two years since 194 countries agreed to limit global warming to less than 2C above the Earth’s pre-industrial average. In an act of almost audacious ambition, the Paris accord aims to keep temperatures within 1.5C by reducing net carbon emissions to zero.

But this was two years ago. Since then the US, the world’s second greatest polluter…

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