More Woodhouse interference from eco-worriers

In this excellent article Dave O’Toole asks why a trade unionist and left winger opposes climate alarm and environmentalism. The question for me seems to be the reverse given that renewable energy is expensive (doubling and tripling the wholesale costs) and viable only with obscene subsidies that push the poorest in society into energy poverty and hobble our manufacturing sector. Climate alarm is driven by models which have never correctly predicted rises in temperature and no debate is allowed in the main stream media. Now where have we come across that situation elsewhere recently?

Dave O'Toole

Things have taken an interesting turn this week for the Woodhouse Colliery project in Cumbria. The Guardian writes,

“James Hansen, the former Nasa scientist who has been called the “godfather of climate change”, has written to the UK prime minister calling on him to stop all support for fossil fuels and “earn a special place in history” for tackling the climate crisis.”

James Hansen, in case you are new to eco-miserablism, is the scientist who is responsible for greens’ ability to opine, “how can you doubt the work of climate scientists when NASA itself says it is a problem?” Yet the truth is the majority of NASA is unconcerned with climate and devotes its energy to its true purpose, space exploration. It is only one of the two dozen or so NASA centres and facilities, the GISS, that under the former leadership of climate activist James Hansen devoted…

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