A Hong Kong For Europe: The Positive Case For Brexit

An antidote to negative campaigning on both sides.

Leon Clifford

There is a positive vision for Britain outside of the European Union. But we have yet to hear it... Imagine an entrepreneurial, deregulated, low-tax economy sitting off the coast of the Continent. This is the positive economic case for Brexit.

Britain’s future outside of the European Union (EU) could be bright and prosperous although you would not believe it from listening to the official Vote Leave campaign.

An entrepreneurial, deregulated, low-tax Britain sitting off the coast of the Continent would attract foreign investors and skilled workers alike from around the world. It would be an engine for economic growth driving increased prosperity for all.

But this possibility has hardly been hinted at by those arguing for the UK to leave the EU in the forthcoming referendum. Instead, the debate has been dominated by an unrelenting stream of negative messages from both sides with neither camp offering us a positive vision for the future: on the one hand, we are told we risk uncontrolled mass immigration if we stay in…

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A Teenager Looks at Climate Change

Refreshing to see a young person’s view on climate change alarmism.

Science Matters

Teenager's ViewThis is a guest post by my grandson, William Desormeaux age 17, consisting of an English translation of his essay in French to fulfill a philosophy class requirement.  The words and thoughts are entirely his own, based on his own research.  I added the images.

For a few decades, many people have given their opinions about climate change. Some are concerned by this phenomenon, while others try to prove that these changes do not actually have impact. The first group can be called warming alarmists and the second warming skeptics. For other individuals who are not part of these groups, the following question arises: Should we act against climate change? In my opinion, alarmists exaggerate much too much on the problems. In fact, the conditions of the Earth have already been worse, humans are not actually responsible for these changes and measured results contain errors.


First, I do not believe…

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