A stirring call to arms in the fight for our democracy. I have never been a member of a political party as my antipathy to the political class goes back a long way. I therefore don’t have the option of withdrawing my support from any one party, but I will also strongly support a party that is committed to leaving the EU. I am also pessimistic about what will happen on the 29th but politicians of all our main parties need to understand that they will never be forgiven if they betray the result of the people’s vote in 2016.

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My Member of Parliament is Mr Douglas Ross (pictured above), a Scottish Conservative & Unionist MP. He’s a good MP, a decent man who seems always to keep the balanced best interests of his Moray constituents in mind. Mr Ross is a football referee when he gets the chance; I wish he would spend more time, and earn more money being a referee – precisely because he gets criticised for so doing! Generally, as a rule, I tend to knock the British political class, but I endeavour always to recognise that all groups of people are made up of individuals, and some individuals represent exceptions to the rule; thus far Douglas Ross seems to me to be an exception to the rule. Long may that continue. Notwithstanding, this evening I wrote to my MP, Douglas Ross as set out below.

Dear Douglas

I’ve just returned from my weekly Scottish Country…

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The British government has all but failed to fulfil the decision of the British people that the United Kingdom should be taken out of the European Union (aka Brexit). Under the Article 50 process we now have just 50 working days (even fewer Parliament-days, I believe) until the date on which the UK must by law leave the EU, that is 29 March 2019. Our constitutional and political systems are in chaos and nobody has the first idea of the terms under which the UK will leave the EU – known as the Withdrawal Agreement; a sort of divorce settlement. The default position is that if there is no Withdrawal Agreement then, as far as trade between the UK and EU countries is concerned, we shift to World Trade Organisation rules. In all other respects, the UK would no longer be a member of the European Union.


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Well said MorayMint!

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This is an open letter to The Honourable Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Chairman of the European Research Group in the House of Commons. The letter itself has been sent to Mr Rees-Mogg in hard copy as well as to my own Member of Parliament, Mr Douglas Ross, and to others listed at the end of this post.

The situation regarding the leadership and management of the process of the UK leaving the European Union has moved from being worrying to being absurd.

I’m one of the 17.4 million people who voted for the UK to regain its sovereignty. It was made clear to the electorate during the EU Referendum debate that leaving the EU would mean, inter alia, leaving the single market, leaving the customs union and extricating the UK from the tentacles of the European Court of ‘Justice’ (sic).

The government at the time spent £9 million…

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