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This is an open letter to The Honourable Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Chairman of the European Research Group in the House of Commons. The letter itself has been sent to Mr Rees-Mogg in hard copy as well as to my own Member of Parliament, Mr Douglas Ross, and to others listed at the end of this post.

The situation regarding the leadership and management of the process of the UK leaving the European Union has moved from being worrying to being absurd.

I’m one of the 17.4 million people who voted for the UK to regain its sovereignty. It was made clear to the electorate during the EU Referendum debate that leaving the EU would mean, inter alia, leaving the single market, leaving the customs union and extricating the UK from the tentacles of the European Court of ‘Justice’ (sic).

The government at the time spent £9 million…

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Who cares about a lack of PV in December when there is plenty of wind and more sun to come in the coming months?

I am not comforted that imbecilic energy policy is not confined to the UK, though I get the feeling that Brexit will force some harsh reality on otherwise clueless ministers. It’s a certainty of physics and engineering that wind and solar are dead ends for dispatchable power. The only question is how long it takes politicians to wake up.

Trust, yet verify

On the last day of 2017, our Minister of Energy (who is fiercely promoting solar energy) posted a tweet to thank all people who installed solar panel on their during 2017. He got a prompt reaction from someone asking how much electricity those solar panels produced in December. The Minister of Energy replied with this remarkable tweet:

Translated from Dutch:

December 2017 was indeed historically low on sunshine. But there was wind and the sun will compensate plentifully in the coming months #HappyNewYear

Basically, solar energy production sucked really bad in the previous month, but, hey, there was more wind and there is more solar energy to come in the coming months anyway.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I would glad to laugh if it was a joke, but his guy is our Minister of Energy and I am afraid that he was serious about it.

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Failed Amstrup polar bear predictions have climate change community in a panic


Polar bear experts who falsely predicted that roughly 17,300 polar bearswould be dead by now (given sea ice conditions since 2007) have realized their failure has not only kicked their own credibility to the curb, it has taken with it the reputations of their climate change colleagues. This has left many folks unhappy about the toppling of this important global warming icon but ironically, consensus polar bear experts and climate scientists (and their supporters) were the ones who set up the polar bear as a proxy for AGW in the first place.

Cover image_Twenty Reasons_polarbearscience

I published my professional criticisms on the failed predictions of the polar bear conservation community in a professional online scientific preprint journal, which has now been downloaded almost 2,000 times (Crockford 2017; Crockford and Geist 2017).

Crockford 2017_Slide 12 screencap

My paper demonstrates that the polar bear/seaice decline hypothesis, particularly the one developed by Steven Amstrup, is a failure. I’m not…

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Nature Wants You Dead

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

SPOTLIGHT: Nature isn’t nice. Nature isn’t kind. Nature will kill your children and grandchildren without a second’s thought or a backward glance. Naked and alone in the wilderness, we perish.

BIG PICTURE: It isn’t possible to protect ourselves from wind, rain, and subzero temperatures while having no impact on the natural world. Our choice is stark – either succumb to exposure or make use of natural resources.

Beavers, bees, ants, and termites all construct elaborate structures. They don’t leave the world as they’ve found it – they survive by sculpting it to suit their needs.

Nor is Nature pristine. Much of the water out there in the wilderness is not potable. Contaminated by mold, bacteria, heavy metals, and decomposing animal remains, it will make you ill.

TOP TAKEAWAY: We need to stop telling children that Nature is sacred. We especially need to stop telling them they should leave no…

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Booker On Offshore Wind Power


By Paul Homewood

Yesterday, Booker led with a follow up to the ASA/Greenpeace offshore wind story from last week:

A weird propaganda blitz, widely publicised again last week, is trying to persuade us that the cost of power from wind farms has been “tumbling” so fast that wind has now replaced coal as our “cheapest” source of electricity.

This began in October when Greenpeace and various wind companies plastered Westminster Underground station, the one most used by MPs, with posters claiming that the cost of offshore wind had halved in the past five years. This was so laughably untrue that the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that the claim was based only on figures that include “tentative future wind projects” that might not even be built.

Even this year there were times on windless days when all our 8,140 wind turbines contributed barely…

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