Amber Rudd – Brexit could see UK energy costs rocket by half a billion pounds

Who in their right mind is going to be taken in by this nonsense? It’s only because successive governments have contrived to kill off fossil fuel power generation that we are in the mess we are.


By Paul Homewood

Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, has joined in the Project Fear campaign to dissuade Brexit voters. In a speech yesterday, she claimed that UK energy costs could rocket by £500 million.

Apparently this is based on a report from the National Grid, which she describes as “neutral in this debate” (yes, pull the other one Amber!)

She offers no explanation for these extra costs, other than:

The European internal energy market is about making sure it is cheaper and easier for us to buy and sell energy.

Without barriers – a level playing field.

This is Britain’s agenda – trade and liberalisation to drive down prices – which has now been embraced by the rest of Europe.

It was Britain that pushed to break up the monopolies on building cross-border cables, like the one we are at today, exposing them to proper competition that drives down…

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Dr. Curry Vanishes! 20 Women Reduced to 19! Warmist Aussie Climate Council Deletes Dr. Judith Curry from list of 20 Women in Climate Debate

Judith Curry joins the ranks of the “disappeared”.


By Paul Homewood


Tony Thomas writes about Tim Flannery’s attempts to remove Judith Curry from a list of female climate experts:

When a three-year-old tells whoppers it can be cute. It’s not so cute if the whopper-tellers are scientist Tim Flannery, aged 60, and his Climate Council. Flannery is Chief Councillor of the crowd-funded body, which is dedicated to “accurate and authoritative information on all aspects of climate change”.

His Council website has this item:

19 climate champions, who also happen to be women… To celebrate International Women’s Day, here’s a list of nineteen women kicking goals in the climate change debate — from scientists to politicians, diplomats, community organisers and more.

It begins, “This article originally appeared on the International Council for Science’s Road to Paris website.” Click through to that site (a spin-off from the International Council for Science, ICSU) and you find the original was not…

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The Anatomy of a Wind Farm Contract – Part 1

The Law is my Oyster

wind prisoner

I am often approached by people asking me to explain just how a wind farm contract works. I usually evade these questions either by honestly pleading ignorance or less honestly, by using the well-used cop-out employed by lawyers: “It’s difficult to answer that conclusively, as it all depends on the circumstances and I would need to see the contract”.


I attended one of those overpriced legal workshops back in 2012 offered by some or other firm of solicitors on renewable energy contracts. A generic precedent of a wind farm contract was supplied in our packs.  I thought I might, over the next few weeks, take some of those clauses and do my best to explain what they mean. Things might have moved on a bit since then, but unless there is a wind farm owner out there who is prepared to publish his or her contract, the 2012 model…

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Open Letter to Sir John

Roger Helmer MEP

santa pod

He stands with the Union Jack.  But is he campaigning for Brussels?

Dear Sir John,

I am sure you will remember the memorable night in Huntingdon — in 1978 I think — when I had the privilege of voting for you as the Conservative Candidate for the Huntingdon Constituency.  I believe we have met once or twice since.

I have just read your piece in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph, and it is such a litany of old, tired and discredited clichés, and slogans from years ago, that I really have to take issue with some of your points.

“Reckless to divorce ourselves from the world’s pre-eminent trading block”.  Pre-eminent?  The only major economic area in the world in long term relative decline?  Shouldn’t we be looking outward to the rest of the world (including the Anglosphere and the Commonwealth) where the growth and the opportunities are?  And who said “divorce”? …

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Venezuela Green Energy Emergency Shutdown

Watts Up With That?

Represa de Macagua, Macagua Dam, Venezuela - By Tico estudiante - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Represa de Macagua, Macagua Dam, Venezuela – By Tico estudianteOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t JoNova – Venezuela, a major oil exporter, has ordered an emergency week long industrial shutdown, to try to prevent electricity demands from exceeding their available hydroelectric reserves.

Venezuela to Shut Down for a Week to Cope With Electricity Crisis

Venezuela is shutting down for a week as the government struggles with a deepening electricity crisis.
President Nicolas Maduro gave everyone an extra three days off work next week, extending the two-day Easter holiday, according to a statement in the Official Gazette published late Tuesday. Maduro had originally said over the weekend that the extended holiday would only apply to state employees.

The government has rationed electricity and water supplies across the country for months and urged citizens to avoid waste as Venezuela endures a prolonged…

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Explaining The Extreme Weather Events That Did Not Happen


By Paul Homewood


Unable to persuade the public that a slightly warmer world is a bad thing, the climate establishment has turned to peddling the myth that global warming is leading to more extreme weather.

There have been a number of studies which have attempted to connect the two. Even then, as I showed with the above AMS attempt a few months ago, most extreme events cannot be linked, and those that are claimed to be are extremely tenuous.

Of course, weather is an impossibly complex affair, and it is inevitable that some weather events may be made more likely or more intense in a warmer world. But, equally, the opposite is also true – that some events are less likely. Naturally, we never hear the absence of extreme weather analysed in this way by the likes of the AMS or Met Office.

So, I invite them to have…

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Some great points to consider in evaluating the pros and cons of EU membership, particularly the role of the political class in shaping our decision making.

Moraymint Chatter

Juncker Lie-1Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission

Post # 1-of-4 on the subject of the UK’s EU Referendum: how will you decide which way to vote?         A Punter’s Guide.

Who Speaks for You?

Hello and welcome to Moraymint Chatter.  I’m assuming you’re here because you saw the notice I placed in The Northern Scot newspaper this week.  In any case, thanks for looking in.  As my Northern Scot notice implies, democracy in Moray has gone a bit pear shaped when it comes to the debate about whether the UK should ‘Remain’ in the European Union, or ‘Leave’ the Union.  The political class in Moray in particular, and in Scotland as a whole – the Scottish Nationalists, the Tories, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, The Green Party – have all decided to coalesce around a predetermined view: the UK will be better off remaining in the…

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Locals in Tory constituency offered £180 bribes (of taxpayers’ money) to support fracking

As a general point I am in favour of fracking, partly because UK energy policy for the last 20 years has driven us to this position where we will really have no choice if we want to keep the lights on. I also believe that the scare stories about fracking are exaggerated.

That being said this isn’t the right way to win hearts and minds but when have we ever had a proper informed and technical debate about the pros and cons of different energy sources?

I am sure we we will see fracking proposals on our own doorstep soon based on our local geology so I will have to live by this position.

Pride's Purge

The Cameron government is desperately trying to drum up support for fracking in a Tory held constituency by offering local constituents £180 bribes (of taxpayers’ money) to attend pro-fracking ‘workshops’.


But locals who are openly anti-fracking are barred from attending.

Parents in Wesham in Lancashire, where fracking is due to take place, are being approached on their way to taking children to school by ‘researchers’ – cunningly disguised as promo girls – claiming to work for the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The staff ask if individuals would like to take part in research on “future energy sources”.

But when one parent responded that she was anti-fracking, the ‘researcher’ told the local she was “not eligible” to take part in the study. The DECC ‘researchers’ are also going from door-to-door asking for participants.

Interestingly, anti-fracking feeling is extremely high in the Fylde constituency where these bribes are being offered.

Naturally, the fact the constituency…

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National Infrastructure Commission unveils plan to wreck UK

Tallbloke sums up very well:

“So there you have it. A vital function, headed up by a history graduate who doesn’t know one end of an alternator from another, backed up by a professor in ‘sustainability’, has been put in charge of planning the future of our country’s power infrastructure. Is it deliberate sabotage? Incompetence?”

Tallbloke's Talkshop

POWER-FAILLord Andrew Adonis broke cover on BBC radio 4 this morning to tell us about the new National Infrastructure Commission’s plans for making our country vulnerable to massive power cuts. This will be achieved by making the UK dependent on undersea electrical extension leads plugged into Iceland, Denmark and other EU countries wind power systems, continuing to shut down our traditional power generation capacity and the installation of smart meters which talk to new white-goods everyone will have to buy. A lot of the plan is predicated on ‘demand reduction’ and ‘storage’ (although details of that were not forthcoming).

Enviro-campaigner Roger Harrabin takes up the story:

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) envisages a smart energy revolution with more cables linking the National Grid to mainland Europe.

NIC also says the UK needs to store much more energy from intermittent renewable like wind and solar.

Fridges, freezers and washing machines could…

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Better Late Than Never

The scandalous waste of money at the UEA finally gets into the main stream media. Don’t hold your breath for this to be reported by the BBC though.


By Paul Homewood


The EDP has finally caught up with internet bloggers!

Almost £13m has been spent by the University of East Anglia (UEA) on two environmental schemes that have not materialised, it has emerged.

Prof Trevor Davies from the UEA. Picture: DENISE BRADLEYProf Trevor Davies from the UEA. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

UEA bosses have defended its green credentials as we can reveal £10.5m was spent building a biomass power plant on its Norwich campus, which never worked.

This, coupled with the £2.25m already put into the now mothballed Generation Park plan, has led to accusations of wasting public money, with a large proportion of the university’s income generated from tuition fees and publicly-funded grants.

The biomass plant plan was announced in 2007 and hailed as being key to reducing carbon emissions at the UEA and increasing the amount of electricity generated on campus.

However, despite £10.5m being spent on capital costs alone, the gasification process in…

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