Parody Unbound: UKHSA, in Seeking To Explain Away Why Jabbed Infection Rate is More Than Twice Unjabbed Inadvertently Reveal the Reason

You can’t make this up anymore; you just can’t. This is so bizarre, it’s like Alice in Wonderland meets the Twilight Zone. The UKHSA are gnashing …

Parody Unbound: UKHSA, in Seeking To Explain Away Why Jabbed Infection Rate is More Than Twice Unjabbed Inadvertently Reveal the Reason: The Unjabbed…

More Woodhouse interference from eco-worriers

In this excellent article Dave O’Toole asks why a trade unionist and left winger opposes climate alarm and environmentalism. The question for me seems to be the reverse given that renewable energy is expensive (doubling and tripling the wholesale costs) and viable only with obscene subsidies that push the poorest in society into energy poverty and hobble our manufacturing sector. Climate alarm is driven by models which have never correctly predicted rises in temperature and no debate is allowed in the main stream media. Now where have we come across that situation elsewhere recently?

Dave O'Toole

Things have taken an interesting turn this week for the Woodhouse Colliery project in Cumbria. The Guardian writes,

“James Hansen, the former Nasa scientist who has been called the “godfather of climate change”, has written to the UK prime minister calling on him to stop all support for fossil fuels and “earn a special place in history” for tackling the climate crisis.”

James Hansen, in case you are new to eco-miserablism, is the scientist who is responsible for greens’ ability to opine, “how can you doubt the work of climate scientists when NASA itself says it is a problem?” Yet the truth is the majority of NASA is unconcerned with climate and devotes its energy to its true purpose, space exploration. It is only one of the two dozen or so NASA centres and facilities, the GISS, that under the former leadership of climate activist James Hansen devoted…

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Meet the people who could change the way we live

At some point the stark reality of what a net zero lifestyle would look like may sink in but I strongly suspect it would be too late by then, and without doubt the poor will be hit the hardest.


By Paul Homewood




It emphatically shows not only how devoid of ideas they all are, but also how none of them have the slightest idea of what really is involved in getting to Net Zero.

I have summarised their conversations:

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CCC Analysis Reveals The Frightening Cost Of Decarbonisation


By Paul Homewood

h/t Joe Public


Last August, shortly after the publication of their Net Zero plan, the CCC released the above analysis which they had commissioned.

Although it was intended to study “hard to decarbonise” homes, such as heritage houses and older properties with limited space, the study included a dataset of assumptions made by the CCC in their Net Zero and other work, but never released in public (as far as I am aware).

These include the projected costs of energy:

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Why Not Offset All The UK’s Emissions?

Why not offset all UK emissions for a measly £2.6B rather than pay £11B in subsidies plus the imminent astronomical costs of net zero? Because carbon offsetting is a financial scam appealing only to virtue signalling environmentalists.


By Paul Homewood

I covered a Telegraph report into carbon offsetting the other day, which raised serious doubts as to whether the claimed carbon dioxide emissions savings had even been achieved.

It got me thinking though, that if they really did work, why would we simply offset the whole country’s emissions and carry on with business as usual?

Climatecare are one of the outfits offering offsets, and according to their calculator below the cost would be £7.50 per tonne CO2:


At the last count, UK emissions totalled 344 Mt, it would cost the country £2.58bn to offset.

A bargain surely, given we are already paying £11bn a year in renewable subsidies and the trillions that the Net Zero strategy is going to cost us in the next thirty years!

This is proof, of course, that carbon offsetting is in reality a meaningless, ineffective option, which does little other than…

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The Role of Distributed Generation in the UK Blackout of 9 August 2019

I cannot see how this issue can be ignored for much longer as it is clear that the technical limitations of renewables are finally coming home to roost.


By Paul Homewood

John Constable has taken a closer look at the final reports into last summer’s blackouts.

Hidden away is the critical role played by embedded generation, typically wind and solar farms.

John’s post is pretty technical, but the take home message is that the loss of this embedded generation was much greater than originally thought, and probably played the major role in the blackouts. As the share of such unreliable renewable generation rises, so the instability of the grid will increase.


The final reports into the widespread blackout of the 9th of August last year by the UK electricity regulator, Ofgem, and the British government’s Energy Emergency Executive Committee, E3C show that this is not the case. Distributed Generation is now under the spotlight as a leading cause of the severity of the 9 August blackout, and as a hazard increasing future risks to security of supply.


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Is The Telegraph Turning Sceptical?


By Paul Homewood

Is the Telegraph becoming more sceptical?

Following on from Charles Moore’s recent forays against climate alarmism, last week we had Sherrelle Jacobs having a pop at St Greta:


Jeremy Corbyn, the wintry and discontented Ghost of Seventies Christmases Past, may have spent the past weeks rattling around the political margins. But the rapper Stormzy, the blingtastic Ghost of Christmas Present, has more than made up for this in a manner most befitting of the mass media age. His viral diatribe against our “one hundred per cent racist” nation flashed on millions of smartphones as households settled into holiday hibernation. Generating almost as much hype was a ghoulish visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future, Greta Thunberg, who lamented mass apathy towards our impending climate doom as a guest editor on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Stormzy and Thunberg are the eerie pin-ups of an anti-rational age…

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Burning Forests Is Not A Very Good Idea, Decides Guardian (Six Years Too Late)

Doh! Yet more stuff that you really cannot make up.


By Paul Homewood


Plans to shift Europe’s coal plants to burning wood pellets instead could accelerate rather than combat the climate crisis and lay waste to woodland equal to half the size of Germany’s Black Forest a year, according to campaigners.

The climate thinktank Sandbag said the heavily subsidised plans to cut carbon emissions would result in a “staggering” amount of tree cutting, potentially destroying forests faster than they can regrow.

Sandbag found that Europe’s planned biomass conversion projects would require 36m tonnes of wood pellets every year, equal to the entire current global wood pellet production. This would require forests covering 2,700 sq km to be cut down annually, the equivalent of half the Black Forest in Germany.

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Roger Harrabin’s Alarmist Bubble

Is it just me or does Roger Harrabin and his acolytes come off as simply condescending and nasty?


By Paul Homewood


I called out Roger Harrabin a few days ago for blatantly breaking BBC political impartiality rules on his twitter feed.

So I thought I would take a closer look at his twitter. What is immediately apparent is the little alarmist bubble which he inhabits there.

Apart from one reaction from GWPF, every other comment on his twitter page in the last week or so comes from his alarmist chums, who naturally confirm and reinforce each others views and opinions.

For instance:

  • James Murray – Editor of Business Green
  • Bob Ward – Enough said!
  • Richard Black – Harrabin’s predecessor at the BBC, and now head of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, the climate propaganda outfit
  • “The Bureau” – The far left, self described “unbiased” reporting website
  • Leo Hickman – Director of Carbon Brief, formerly of the Guardian
  • ECIU – The aforesaid Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit…

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