The true cost of wind power


By Paul Homewood

Booker has a short piece in his newly shrunken column about offshore wind costs:

MPs arriving at Westminster Tube station have lately been presented with a huge advertisement claiming that the cost of electricity from offshore wind farms has been cut by “50 per cent over the past five years”. Despite the fact that this was paid for by various green lobbyists, including Greenpeace, the WWF and foreign-based owners of offshore wind farms, it seems from comments by MPs, the BBC, journalists and even our energy minister Claire Perry, that they all believe this boast.

Actor Peter Capaldi at Westminster tube station where Greenpeace, WWF and the Marine Conservation Society have launched a new campaign supporting offshore wind

Actor Peter Capaldi at Westminster tube station where Greenpeace, WWF and the Marine Conservation Society have launched a new campaign supporting offshore wind Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

But The Global Warming Policy Foundation has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the poster could hardly be more outrageously misleading. It is based…

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Collapse of Global Warming Deception Triggers Variety of Bailouts and Revisionism

I can only take my hat off to Tim Ball and a small number of other notable climate experts. The bulk of the mainstream community our cowards who should be ashamed of themselves.

Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

We will see an increasing number of people changing their positions on global warming as the global warming ship sinks. It will take various forms including; articles appearing that subtly shift previously held positions; reevaluation of data; or finding new evidence that allows a change and perhaps worst of all those who say they knew the science was wrong all along but did not consider it important to speak out; dredging up a sentence or two from their writings that they claim showed they knew. The level of inventiveness will astonish as rats desert the sinking ship.

I am not well disposed to any of these people since the evidence was there all along. They chose not to see it, for a variety of reasons none of which are valid and as the old proverb says there are none so blind as those who will…

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 Naive scientist awakens to the politics underlying climate change

Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion by Robert McCarter

This is an apology to all those commentators over the years who pronounced on the underlying Marxism in the debate over climate change. I am a scientist by training and have tried my best not to sully the argument with politics, when commentary turned to ‘watermelons’ I turned to another article. Naively I thought the argument would be settled by data not dogmatism.

I recently attended a seminar given by a professor emeritus from UBC on ‘Global Population, Growth and Sustainable Development’, with an introduction by Rex Wyler co-founder of Greenpeace International. Sure that was a clue I was entering the dark lands, but my training make me want to cut out the middlemen and see things for myself.
The softening up started with the idea of social constructs that were artificial and could be replaced with ‘truer’ constructs, as an example the anthropogenic climate change…

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Aussie Coral Reef Rises from the Dead

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t JoNova – the Australian ABC reports scientists from the Australian Institute of Marine Science are surprised how rapidly the Australian Great Barrier Reef is recovering from the 2016 bleaching event.

Great Barrier Reef starts to recover after severe coral bleaching, survey of sites between Cairns and Townsville shows

By David Chen
Updated Fri at 3:41pm

Scientists from the Australian Institute of Marine Science this month surveyed 14 coral reefs between Cairns and Townsville to see how they fared after being bleached.

The institute’s Neil Cantin said they were surprised to find the coral had already started to reproduce.

“We’re finding corals that are showing early signs of reproductive development, really visible eggs that we can see under the naked eye,” Dr Cantin said.

“[It’s] very surprising as previous studies have shown a two-to-three year delay in reproductive activity following bleaching events.

“It means…

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Imagine Escaping a Hurricane in a Tesla

And in any case with power lines likely to be down in a severe hurricane, it is unlikely that any Tesla’s would be getting charged. So we not only need coal and diesel generation to backup home power supplies, we also need a spare gasoline car for emergencies.

Watts Up With That?

Image from Tesla’s website

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

First I want to make it clear that I think Tesla responded to Hurricane Irma with exemplary good faith, sacrificing their future profits to send drivers of cheaper Tesla models a free range upgrade, to help them escape Hurricane Irma. But the urgent Florida hurricane evacuation may have inadvertently highlighted an unexpected and potentially catastrophic risk associated with government policies which seek to switch drivers to electric vehicles.

How did Tesla make some of its cars travel further during Hurricane Irma?

The electric-car giant gave customers a lifeline by remotely boosting their vehicles’ battery capacity. But this act of kindness also highlighted that it had been selling identical cars at different prices

Tesla drivers who fled Hurricane Irma last weekend received an unexpected lesson in modern consumer economics along the way. As they sat on choked highways, some of the electric-car…

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Met Office Falsify Data To Prove “Hottest Bank Holiday”

MET = Ministry for Extreme Temperatures


By Paul Homewood


This is quite an amazing piece of evidence that the UK Met Office are actively involved in defrauding the public.

The above tweet was published early this morning, forecasting the day’s weather (Aug 28th).

Note that the record to beat was 28.3C.

A few hours later they triumphantly sent this tweet:


Miraculously, the previous record temperature dropped by 1.1C!

Is it surprising that nobody trusts official Met Office data any more?

The lengths that the Met Office, NOAA, GISS etc go to in order to distort the truth should surprise none of us now.

But this latest piece of fraud really does take the biscuit, as  many commenters have spotted.


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Booker And The BBC’s Bias


By Paul Homewood

The newly shrunken Booker has space to follow up my story of the BBC Today programme’s fake news story about African crop yields:


Something rather odd happened on the BBC Today programme on Radio 4 last Wednesday. Nick Robinson, the presenter, prefaced a worthy little report about farming in Kenya by claiming that crop yields in Africa are being “cut by climate change”.

In fact, the report was not about this at all. It was about efforts being made to promote traditional African vegetables, although it ended with another gratuitous mention of how climate change was adding to “the challenge of a doubling population”.

It took the indefatigable Paul Homewood to show on his Notalotofpeopleknowthat blog the actual figures on African crop yields from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. These demonstrate that since 1970 those yields have in fact been hurtling steadily upwards: in Kenya itself…

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