A stirring call to arms in the fight for our democracy. I have never been a member of a political party as my antipathy to the political class goes back a long way. I therefore don’t have the option of withdrawing my support from any one party, but I will also strongly support a party that is committed to leaving the EU. I am also pessimistic about what will happen on the 29th but politicians of all our main parties need to understand that they will never be forgiven if they betray the result of the people’s vote in 2016.

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My Member of Parliament is Mr Douglas Ross (pictured above), a Scottish Conservative & Unionist MP. He’s a good MP, a decent man who seems always to keep the balanced best interests of his Moray constituents in mind. Mr Ross is a football referee when he gets the chance; I wish he would spend more time, and earn more money being a referee – precisely because he gets criticised for so doing! Generally, as a rule, I tend to knock the British political class, but I endeavour always to recognise that all groups of people are made up of individuals, and some individuals represent exceptions to the rule; thus far Douglas Ross seems to me to be an exception to the rule. Long may that continue. Notwithstanding, this evening I wrote to my MP, Douglas Ross as set out below.

Dear Douglas

I’ve just returned from my weekly Scottish Country…

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Population Doomster Paul Ehrlich’s New Forecast: ‘Biological Annihilation’ – Hit & Run :

Ronald Bailey explains that Ehrlich’s latest doom laiden prediction is likely to be wrong.

Human population will peak this century at perhaps as few as 8.2 billion people. The United Nations projects that 80 percent of those will be living in cities by 2100, meaning that fewer than 1.6 billion people will be living on the landscape, down from 3.2 billion now. Humanity may already be at peak farmland. If biofuel subsidies are stopped, some researchers project that as much as 400 million hectares of land would be returned to nature by 2060; that is an area double the size of the United States east of the Mississippi River./

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Peter Sissons and the BBC Approach to News

An inspiring article by Peter Sissons on the Mail Online called “PETER SISSONS: I drove out of Television Centre for the final time last month… and I don’t have a pang of regret” was recently brought to my attention by TallBloke.

Peter Sissons

It’s quite an old article, published in 2009, but I hadn’t yet started taking an interest in climate alarmism or the BBC bias at that time. It really is a worth the 10 minutes it takes to read but if you are a staunch defender of auntie you might find it somewhat uncomfortable. If Sissons is to be believed, and there seems to be no reason to doubt, then the BBC approach to news is deeply flawed not least by its public sector blame culture and cowardly editorial approach. It is clear that 24 hour news, blurring the lines between news and entertainment, has had a fundamentally negative impact on the quality of news produced.

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“What’s wrong with you?” – a critique of the Medical Model of Disability

This blog was an eye opener for me, making me think about “disability” in a completely new light. Well worth a read.

The London Freewheel

slow secret

“What’s wrong with you?”

I get asked this question most days, occasionally prefaced with a “if you don’t mind me asking…” or a “no offense, but…”

More often than not, the asker of this question truly means no harm, and would probably be horrified to know the damage caused by their words. People are naturally curious, and etiquette and rudeness aside (it’s not very polite to demand personal information from a stranger) I am always willing to enlighten those who ask. *

However, I do take issue with that question. Not in what it seeks to ask, but the specific choice of words. “What is wrong with you?” To my mind, I’m afraid there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with me. In fact, as you’re asking, I happen to have really quite a nice life. I have loving parents, wonderful friends; I am well educated and well fed. I…

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‘Gardening Leave’ Helping Veterans Heal

Teal Plant by Linda Compton McDonald

Tea Plant by Linda Compton McDonald

An inspiring video about the ability of plants to support the healing of veterans.

Since 2007, the charity Gardening Leave has championed the healing power of plants to bring relief to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

But the tie between plants and the military goes back much further than that and is now being explored in a new art exhibition.

My friend Linda McDonald contributed her painting of a Tea Plant to this project. Linda is an amazing person who does an incredible amount for charity. You can see more of her work here:

Watch the video here.