Geoengineering: The Cold War On Global Warming

From an article in the Federalist.

Milton Friedman famously noted that if you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand. Geoengineering would give the government control over the planet’s thermostat.

Possibly one of the scariest articles I have read recently. Ideas about Geo-engineering have been floating around for a while now and I had always dismissed them as vaguely ridiculous because they would be insanely dangerous. In my view the law of unintended consequences is not one to test out in our global laboratory when we can’t even agree whether the earth is warming or not.

In the past I would have ignored fanciful discussions about deliberately adjusting the global temperature by spraying aerosols into the upper atmosphere. But now…given the way scientific research in climate change has become thoroughly corrupt, I am not so sure.

As the author says:

That’s a lot of chances to screw things up royally.

A bit of an understatement if ever there was one. Given what we we would be screwing up is the planet we live on – that ought to make even the most zealous climate alarmist pause for thought.

But then again, perhaps not.

I am Under “Investigation”

This scandalous attack on Roger Pielke Jr should be headline news in every media outlet around the world. A blatant attack on scientific enquiry and free speech. Shameful.
Je suis skeptic!

The Climate Fix

As some of you will already know, I am one of 7 US academics being investigated by US Representative Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) who is the ranking member of the House of Representatives Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. Rep. Grijalva has sent a letter to the president of my university requesting a range of information, including my correspondence, the letter is here in PDF.

Before continuing, let me make one point abundantly clear: I have no funding, declared or undeclared, with any fossil fuel company or interest. I never have. Representative Grijalva knows this too, because when I have testified before the US Congress, I have disclosed my funding and possible conflicts of interest. So I know with complete certainty that this investigation is a politically-motivated “witch hunt” designed to intimidate me (and others) and to smear my name.

For instance, the Congressman and his staff, along with compliant journalists…

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How we know they know they are lying

H/T to Tallbloke and @ILuvCO2 for bringing this article by Dr. John Brignell to my attention.

Dr Brignell presents far better than I could the reasons for why we know they are lying. This is no vague conspiracy theory. Rather it is a detailed and well written summary of the main issues which ought to be well known to the public but for reasons he explains, generally are not.

It is to some extent forgivable when people adopt extreme positions out of misapprehension or delusion. It is quite another matter if they mislead others by deliberate falsehood. Politicians, of course, treat the lie as part of their professional equipment. Indeed, in some circumstances they are obliged to use it (when, for example, telling the truth about the economy would cause a run on the currency). In science, up to recent times, there is no circumstance in which a deliberate falsehood is justifiable. It requires at a minimum being drummed out of one’s learned society.

Original article here.

Sadly it seems that this website no longer updated.

Sturgeon In A Pickle Over Longannet Coal Power Station

It was only a matter of time before this penny had to drop. Any sane person applying a minimum of common sense could see that the current situation with the “Race for Renewables” (™) is unsustainable. This will be an interesting story to watch unwind…


By Paul Homewood


From the “Chickens coming home to roost department”.

The BBC report:

Nicola Sturgeon has demanded assurances from the prime minister on the security of Scotland’s electricity supplies.

It follows BBC Scotland’s disclosure that the huge coal-fired power station at Longannet in Fife is facing a renewed threat to its future.

Scottish Power, which operates the plant, warned last year that the cost of connecting to the grid meant the station may close earlier than planned.

It is understood talks between Scottish Power and National Grid have stalled.

Following a meeting of the Scottish Energy Advisory Board, Scotland’s First Minister Ms Sturgeon has written to Prime Minister David Cameron to call for an analysis of electricity capacity margins in Scotland.

She is also seeking reassurance that the UK government understands the “key role” which Scottish capacity plays in ensuring adequate levels of energy security across the UK.

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The Smoking Gun: Top US Noise Experts – Paul Schomer & George Hessler – Endorse Steven Cooper’s Wind Farm Study

“GROUNDBREAKING Australian research has established a “cause and effect” existed between wind farms and health impacts on some nearby residents, a peer review by one of the world’s leading acoustic experts says.”


atomic-bomb-e1355417893840 The fallout continues ….

During the short month that’s passed since Steven Cooper’s Cape Bridgewater wind farm noise study hit the press (see our post here), the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers have been in a state of absolute panic.

Pacific Hydro – the operator of the Cape Bridgewater disaster, which paid for the study, but deliberately limited its terms of reference – has gone into absolute “damage control” (see our post here).

Among the wind industry’s shrinking band of media manipulators and Twitter jockeys, Steven Cooper’s study has been criticised because it hasn’t had the magic wand of “peer review” waved over it.

Cooper requested that his report be peer reviewed before it was published, but Pac Hydro flatly refused to do so, knowing full well that it would only add fuel to an already rampaging fire. For an outfit now facing $millions in damages claims…

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UHI In South Korea Ignored By GISS

Paul Homewood demonstrates that GISS ignore the UHI (Urban Heat Island) effect so that it is “little wonder then that GISS find that Korea has warmed up by a degree or more since the 1950’s.”


By Paul Homewood



I ran a post on this study concerning UHI in South Korea a couple of years ago, and thought it worth updating.

Quantitative estimates of warming by urbanization in South Korea over the past 55 years (1954–2008)

Kim and Kim


The quantitative values of the urban warming effect over city stations in the Korean peninsula were estimated by using the warming mode of Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) analysis of 55 years of temperature data, from 1954 to 2008. The estimated amount of urban warming was verified by applying the multiple linear regression equation with two independent variables: the rate of population growth and the total population.

Through the multiple linear regression equation, we obtained a significance level of 0.05% and a coefficient of determination of 0.60. This means that it is somewhat liable to the estimated effects of urbanization, in spite of the settings of…

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Great Lakes Ice Cover Far Above Normal Again

“Great Lakes ice cover has been above normal five of the last seven years, and seven of the last thirteen years. It is already far above the normal annual maximum, with another month of growth left.”

Real Science

Great Lakes ice cover has been above normal five of the last seven years, and seven of the last thirteen years. It is already far above the normal annual maximum, with another month of growth left.

ScreenHunter_6732 Feb. 03 11.3520150202180000_CVCSWCTGL_0008100042.gif (1100×850)


20150202180000_CVCHDCTGL_0008100047.gif (1100×850)

Many experts claim the exact opposite, because their career depends on lying about the climate.

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