A 50 something-ish ex-scientist and techie increasingly gripped by grumpy old man syndrome.

Hope you like my header image – taken on one of my better days.

For the moment I will be posting mainly about my sceptical stance on man-made global warming (cynically rebadged as climate change) and our insane energy policy.

Most recently, I decided that I need to post on inspirational things that catch my attention as an antidote to the insanity that seems to be on the increase in our modern world.

Comment moderation policy. Anyone labelling me to be a denier of climate change or man-made global warming will not be approved.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for “following” my post. The blog you followed however is a “one post” blog so it will never see another post.

    I have been blogging for now almost 15 years. My most current blog is the Temple Of The Absurd. The blog “Theahaevent!” only came about the moment I understood something fundamental. It is something I worked out after 15 years of research that I think is sufficiently important to merit its own blog. But it is a “one of” truth. Hence it will never be updated.

    From what I read on your own blog, your stance and ideas are something I concur with and can get behind.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through my rants.

    Best wishes for the new year and do please keep sharing your thoughts with us


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