Objection To Coronation Power’s Application 14/00877

This is my covering email for my objection letter which I have just sent to Rossendale and Rochdale councils. Feel free to use any of the information contained in here if you would like to raise your own objection.

Dear Messrs Robinson, Smith and Ms Coley,

I attach detailed and significant objections to this proposal which I would like to be published on both council’s planning portals for this application. In summary:

  1. Wind farms are white elephants which do not provide reliable energy and their costs in terms of subsidies benefit few whilst hitting the poorest in society and drawing away government funding from local council services and the NHS.
  2. Dangerous construction traffic will endanger lives through noise and diesel pollution and through increased likelihood of road traffic accidents.
  3. It will damage our natural landscape and heritage forever, as well as destroying local farming in the area.
  4. Extensive research shows that it will reduce local house prices by 12% on average.
  5. It will break the Mary Towneley Loop, which is a bridleway of national significance.

I hope that you will consider my objections carefully.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Steve Davison

New Wave of Turbine Terror: Brits Brace as Giant Fans Keep Collapsing

I wonder how well engineered the monsters planned by Coronation Power in Rochdale on Rooley Moor Road will be. Scary stuff.


TurbineBlade-OklahomaTornado Liberty has its price. Fortunately, this blade’s quest for “freedom”
didn’t kill any kids at this Oklahoma kindy. This time …

A while back we covered what the wind industry and its parasites call “component liberation” in our post – Life in the “throw zone” which included video of a Vestas’ turbine “liberating” its components.

That led to a retort from an employee from AGL’s Macarthur wind farm disaster – calling himself “Prowind” – about the exploding turbine – “that turbine in the video is not accident, they purposely let it self destruct.  That is NEVER going to happen at MacArthur.”

We dealt with “Prowind” in our post – Logic: not found on other planets? – which included a serious scientific study into the distances blades are likely to travel during “component liberation”.  The study dealt with over 37 “component liberation” events, recording blade throw distances of up to 1,600…

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