The Hard-“Green”-Left Promote Energy Policies that Wreck Economies & Smash the Poor

So it isn’t just big oil funding political parties – who would have thought it.


USSR “Greens” out to paint your town Red.

A little while back, the good Senator from Victoria, John “Marshall” Madigan launched an Exocet missile at the seedy world of hard-green-left politics and the wind power outfits that fund the Australian Greens (see our post here).

The Greens have been particularly coy about where the hundreds of thousands of dollars used to fund their last Federal election campaign (including the rerun of the West Australian Senate election) came from. The Greens set out to crush SA’s favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon due to his efforts to bring the wind power fraud to an end: the Green vote went backwards, but Nick (a true STT Champion) – who ran as an independent candidate – polled a snicker under 25% in the South Australian Senate race (beating the Labor Party’s vote of 22.7%) – an all-time record for an independent Senator.


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Wind Power Can Never Deliver Energy Security

Some detailed research demonstrating why wind farms are a terrible idea.


By Paul Homewood


My first reaction was no s*** Sherlock!

But a report out by the Adam Smith Institute includes some detailed modelling. The Telegraph report:

Wind farms can never be relied upon to keep the lights on in Britain because there are long periods each winter in which they produce barely any power, according to a new report by the Adam Smith Institute.

The huge variation in wind farms’ power output means they cannot be counted on to produce energy when needed, and an equivalent amount of generation from traditional fossil fuel plants will be needed as back-up, the study finds.

Wind farm proponents often claim that the intermittent technology can be relied upon because the wind is always blowing somewhere in the UK.

But the report finds that a 10GW fleet of wind farms across the UK could “guarantee” to provide less than two per cent of…

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Brits Belted by Insanely Expensive and Utterly Unreliable Wind Power

Eventually even “the man in the street” will start to notice this in his pocket and then perhaps he’ll stop worrying about immigration.


ed-davey_885751c When I stack it this high, it really starts to smell.

Britain’s political betters have set it up for one enormous gamble.  Britain is wagering its entire economic future on its – out of control – wind power boondoggle.

Back in January, The Economist reported on the INSANE cost of delivering offshore wind power – where generators are guaranteed obscene returns – being able to charge “three times the current wholesale price of electricity and about 60% more than is promised to onshore turbines.”

The Economist reported that “offshore wind power is staggeringly expensive” and “among the most expensive ways of marginally reducing carbon emissions known to man”.  But that is merely to compare the insane costs of onshore wind power with the completely insane costs of offshore wind power (see our post here).

Now Britain’s House of Lords has weighed in with an inquiry into their runaway wind…

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Parker Gallant Uncovers the Hidden Costs of Ontario’s Insane Wind Power Policy

It’s difficult to understand how this keeps happening given the economics are so clear. What is it that convinced politicians that it is worth wasting these colossal sums of public money that could be invested in so many other worthwhile things. Perhaps funding a back to school program for politicians- economics 101 would be a good start?


turbines ontario Scene from the remake of “The War of the Worlds”.

Ever tried to imagine hell on earth?

Ever imagined a nightmare turned to reality?

Then you’ve probably landed in Ontario.

Ontario is the place where the most bizarre energy policy in the world has seen thousands of giant fans speared into the backyards of homes – in the most agriculturally productive part of Canada. When we say “bizarre” we mean completely bonkers.

Canada has one of the “cleanest” power generation mixes on the planet, with the vast bulk of its electricity coming from zero emissions sources such as nuclear and hydro.

Ontario energy mix 2013

As Professor Ross McKitrick explains in this post, Ontario has built a policy that sees wind power (when the wind is blowing) “displace” emissions free hydro at enormous cost to power consumers and taxpayers.

And then there’s the colossal human impact of plonking thousands of turbines as close…

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