Wikileaks and Me

In any other field of endeavour such attacks would be not only actionable but presumably extremely costly to the likes of CAP. Would a jail term be too severe? I think not. Of course life is too short for protracted for private legal battles (thinking Mann v Steyn) but it is great to see the truth coming out. Well done Roger.

Roger Pielke Jr.

I haven’t had a chance to update this blog with anything related to the surprise (to me at least) at finding myself the subject of an email in the John Podesta email leaks from Wikileaks. That email revealed that an organization that was fouinded and led by Podesta, the Center for American Progress, engaged in a successful effort to have me removed as a writer at 538, the “data journalism” site created by Nate Silver.

The Boulder Daily Camera has a very good series of articles about the revelation that there was an organized political effort against me.

The multi-year campaign against me by CAP was partially funded by billionaire Tom Steyer, and involved 7 writers at CAP who collectively wrote more than 160 articles about me, trashing my work…

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BBC Explain Climate Change

Stew Green and Paul Homewood catch the BBC Propaganda and Indoctrination Team working overtime again.


By Paul Homewood

h/t Stewgreen


BBC Newsbeat is the flagship news programme for Radio 1, and its remit is to provide news tailored for a specifically younger audience. In fact, ever since its early days, it has tended to treat its listeners as babies, totally incapable of taking in any serious news for more than a few seconds.

One of its functions is to indoctrinate young listeners into the BBC’s world of climate change, hence today’s attempt to convince them that Donald Trump knows little about the subject.

Unfortunately it seems neither does the BBC!

Their report included this:


Note the bit about the ozone layer:

When humans burn fossil fuels such as coal and oil for transport, heating and industry it produces greenhouse gases which destroy the ozone layer, allowing more rays from the sun into our atmosphere and raising temperatures across the world.

Somebody must have…

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In light of recent events – a possible United States climate change action plan

I tend to agree that an EPA stripped of is climate mandate could go back to delivering its original objective. However, many of the existing personnel, particularly those at the top, need to be shown the door at the earliest opportunity.

Watts Up With That?

Last night, there was this tweet:


The fellow works for Buzzfeed, and highly liberal and pro-climate outfit. It was quite an admission. Since existing climate plans are almost certain to be on the scrap heap now, here’s a new plan from Christopher Monckton. I agree with most of it, except item 7 “Abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency”. That’s not really practical. Before “climate change” became the universal boogeyman for any enviro-ailment, real or imagined, the EPA actually did useful work in dealing with real, tangible, pollution issues. We have cleaner air, cleaner lakes, and cleaner waterways today because of that. So rather than abolish it, which would allow resurgence of those problems by the unscrupulous, I think a significant curtailment, plus a revocation of their powers of enforcement – putting enforcement in the hands of law, is a better choice.. – Anthony

Guest opinion by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

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10,000 fly in for doomed climate talks

How does one get in on this act?


By Paul Homewood


From The Times:

More than 10,000 people are flying to Marrakesh for a UN climate change conference despite officials admitting that they will make little or no progress on key issues.

The two-week meeting, which begins in the Moroccan city on Monday, was declared as the “conference of action”, where 195 countries were supposed to reveal how they will fulfil pledges made a year ago to cut their emissions. Instead, they are likely to agree to suspend talks until 2018.

Previous conferences have produced communiqués with grand titles named after their location, including last year’s Paris Agreement. A UK government source said: “Will there be a Marrakesh Something? There will have to be a decision that basically says we agree to reconvene with a date.”

However, delegates will be able to stay busy thanks to a Michelin guide to the conference supplied by the UN. It…

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REC Price Surge Signals Doom for Australia’s Renewable Target & its Wind Industry

Fantasy wind economics about to finally play out down under. Hopefully a lesson the UK can take on board.



When a policy is unsustainable its failure is inevitable: Australia’s Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target is just such a policy. STT has been spelling it out since December 2012.

It was around then, when Australia’s commercial power retailers determined that there was no bankable certainty attached to the LRET; since then, no commercial retailer has entered a Power Purchase Agreement with a wind power outfit (we don’t count the couple of PPAs signed with the ACT government) – it’s that simple commercial fact that will force the LRET’s hitherto political ‘champions’ to cut the current target, or that may even force them to abandon it altogether.

A long-term PPA (of at least 10 years in duration) is a critical ingredient in obtaining finance for the construction of new wind farm projects; in the absence of a PPA, a wind power outfit hoping to develop a project is unable to offer any…

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The BBC’s Outright Lies On Arctic Live

Considered analysis by Paul Homewood demonstrates what we have known for several years, the BBC lies to promote man-made climate change propaganda. The sooner the licence fee is removed the better.


By Paul Homewood


In Churchill, every year polar bears gather on the shores of Hudson Bay to wait for the big freeze, and every year they’re waiting longer.

This was the exact statement at seven minutes into the BBC’s Arctic Live programme last night. This was immediately followed up with the comment, “But the prospect of a future without them is impossible to imagine”.

This unsurprisingly set the scene for the rest of that segment of the programme. The Arctic is warming, ice is melting and polar bears are endangered.

As I showed yesterday, there is no truth in the claim at all.

But let’s look at one more graph, this time the week by week ice coverage for Hudson Bay in 2015, as presented by the Canadian Ice Service:

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Renewables could lose European power grid priority, documents reveal

Is the EU seeing sense at last?


By Paul Homewood

h/t Joe Public/Oldbrew


From the Guardian:

Windfarms and solar power could soon lose the privilege of getting priority over other energy sources on European electricity grids, leaked documents show.

Paring back the “priority dispatch” system could increase carbon emissions by up to 10%, according to a confidential EU impact assessment seen by the Guardian. But the document goes on to model four scenarios for doing just that, in a bid to make Europe’s energy generators more flexible and cost-competitive.

Some industry sources have told the Guardian they are alarmed and think it highly likely that priority dispatch for clean energy will be scrapped from the EU’s renewable energy directive, which is currently being redrafted for the post-2020 period.

Oliver Joy, a spokesman for the WindEurope trade association, said: “Removing priority dispatch for renewable energies would be detrimental to the wind sector, which would face more curtailment…

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