The Role of Distributed Generation in the UK Blackout of 9 August 2019

I cannot see how this issue can be ignored for much longer as it is clear that the technical limitations of renewables are finally coming home to roost.


By Paul Homewood

John Constable has taken a closer look at the final reports into last summer’s blackouts.

Hidden away is the critical role played by embedded generation, typically wind and solar farms.

John’s post is pretty technical, but the take home message is that the loss of this embedded generation was much greater than originally thought, and probably played the major role in the blackouts. As the share of such unreliable renewable generation rises, so the instability of the grid will increase.


The final reports into the widespread blackout of the 9th of August last year by the UK electricity regulator, Ofgem, and the British government’s Energy Emergency Executive Committee, E3C show that this is not the case. Distributed Generation is now under the spotlight as a leading cause of the severity of the 9 August blackout, and as a hazard increasing future risks to security of supply.


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Is The Telegraph Turning Sceptical?


By Paul Homewood

Is the Telegraph becoming more sceptical?

Following on from Charles Moore’s recent forays against climate alarmism, last week we had Sherrelle Jacobs having a pop at St Greta:


Jeremy Corbyn, the wintry and discontented Ghost of Seventies Christmases Past, may have spent the past weeks rattling around the political margins. But the rapper Stormzy, the blingtastic Ghost of Christmas Present, has more than made up for this in a manner most befitting of the mass media age. His viral diatribe against our “one hundred per cent racist” nation flashed on millions of smartphones as households settled into holiday hibernation. Generating almost as much hype was a ghoulish visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future, Greta Thunberg, who lamented mass apathy towards our impending climate doom as a guest editor on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Stormzy and Thunberg are the eerie pin-ups of an anti-rational age…

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