Hazelwood Power Plant Closing 31st March – Currently Delivering More Power Than Every Wind Plant In Australia (With Updates)

A detailed and comprehensive analysis of the massive contribution made by Hazelwood Power Plant prior to shutting down. One knackered old coal fired power station was producing MORE power than all the Australian wind farms COMBINED. I wonder if the Ozzies will miss it?

PA Pundits - International

By Anton Lang ~

This Post is about the upcoming closure of the Hazelwood Power Plant. Each day, I will be adding the totals for power delivery from this plant with a comparison to ALL the wind power in Australia, and also the total for Wind Power in Victoria, the same State where the Hazelwood plant is situated…..TonyfromOz

53 Year old Hazelwood power plant generated and delivered almost 15% more power than EVERY wind plant in Australia in the 31 days leading up to its closure on Friday 31st March 2017, with the last of the plant’s Units shutting down on Wednesday 29th March.

UPDATE 7 – Friday 31st March 2017 – CONCLUSION

I have placed this last Update at the top of this Post to make some important observations.

The Hazelwood power plant closed operations today. In the lead up to its closure, the plant operated all eight of…

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