Locals in Tory constituency offered £180 bribes (of taxpayers’ money) to support fracking

As a general point I am in favour of fracking, partly because UK energy policy for the last 20 years has driven us to this position where we will really have no choice if we want to keep the lights on. I also believe that the scare stories about fracking are exaggerated.

That being said this isn’t the right way to win hearts and minds but when have we ever had a proper informed and technical debate about the pros and cons of different energy sources?

I am sure we we will see fracking proposals on our own doorstep soon based on our local geology so I will have to live by this position.

Pride's Purge

The Cameron government is desperately trying to drum up support for fracking in a Tory held constituency by offering local constituents £180 bribes (of taxpayers’ money) to attend pro-fracking ‘workshops’.


But locals who are openly anti-fracking are barred from attending.

Parents in Wesham in Lancashire, where fracking is due to take place, are being approached on their way to taking children to school by ‘researchers’ – cunningly disguised as promo girls – claiming to work for the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The staff ask if individuals would like to take part in research on “future energy sources”.

But when one parent responded that she was anti-fracking, the ‘researcher’ told the local she was “not eligible” to take part in the study. The DECC ‘researchers’ are also going from door-to-door asking for participants.

Interestingly, anti-fracking feeling is extremely high in the Fylde constituency where these bribes are being offered.

Naturally, the fact the constituency…

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