You’re Calling Me “Anti Science?” 

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A brief run-through of some of the problems with ‘man-made warming’ theories, which so often get swept under the carpet and treated as unmentionable.

One of the main accusations launched by climate activists is that anyone arguing against man-made global warming is “anti-science.”

They tell us that the science is “settled,” and that anyone who objects is ignoring a blindingly obvious set of facts.

But what to do about someone like me, asks Steven Wright in Climate Change Dispatch?

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Labour party energy/climate policy revealed in leaked manifesto

The Labour Party continue to display a shocking amount of basic scientific, engineering and economic illiteracy. How sad.

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The UK Labour party has a leak, and its election manifesto has escaped into the wild. Here’s what it says about energy and climate.

Sustainable Energy

Labour’s energy policy is built on three simple principles:

• To ensure security of energy supply and ‘keep the lights on’

• To ensure energy costs are affordable for consumers and businesses

• To ensure we meet our climate change targets and transition to a low carbon economy

The UK energy system is outdated, expensive and polluting. Privatisation has failed to deliver an energy system that delivers for people, businesses or our environment.

One-in-ten households are in fuel poverty, yet according to the Competition Markets Authority customers are overcharged an enormous £2 billion every year.

Labour understands that many people don’t have time to shop around, they just want reliable and affordable energy. So the next Labour Government will:

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Please Sign & Support Our Petition: Let’s Scrap Expensive EU Renewable Energy Targets–GWPF

5 minutes to reduce fuel poverty, reinvigorate UK manufacturing and save the NHS … not a bad investment of your time!


By Paul Homewood


The GWPF has launched an online petition to scrap EU Renewables Targets:

Dear friends and supporters
The Global Warming Policy Forum today has launched an online petition, calling on the next government to scrap the EU Renewable Energy Directive and halt the rising energy policy costs for households and the overall economy.
I would be grateful if you would sign our petition and circulate it widely among your MPs, friends, family and colleagues.
The cost of Britain’s unilateral renewable energy policies is running out of control, the inevitable result of replacing cheap and reliable energy with expensive, intermittent sources.
In 2016, the combined costs of the Levy Control Framework (LCF) and carbon taxes reached over £9 billion.
According to official figures, the Climate Change Act will cost the UK economy over £300 billion by 2030, costing each household £875 per annum.
The first priority of British…

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Letter To The Telegraph

Nice to get confirmation that green zealots cannot fool all of the people all of the time. It is ironic that the Tories are preparing to cap some tariffs to partially make up for the carbon taxes levied through the Climate Change Act. Why not just address the problem at source?


By Paul Homewood


Heads up for the Telegraph, who have published my letter in response to the one below from Ben Goldsmith:

SIR – Charles Moore couldn’t have got it more wrong in writing that climate change fears are elitist and limited to those in metropolitan areas.

MPs up and down the country report increasing numbers of constituents raising this issue with them. There is in fact huge public backing for action on climate change, and in particular support for energy efficiency and renewables.

Moreover, it is a myth that climate policies are driving up energy bills: wind and gas are now demonstrably the cheapest sources of electricity in Britain. Bill-payers are better off as a result of green policy measures which drive greater efficiency. And, ultimately, our economy is stronger because of the world-leading contribution our country makes to green industries.

As we leave the European Union, we must…

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The Thoughts Of Richard Lindzen On Climate Change

Looking forward to further posts in this series.


By Paul Homewood


Richard Lindzen has written a powerful article about the state of climate science.

His introduction sets the scene:


For over 30 years, I have been giving talks on the science of climate change. When, however, I speak to a non-expert audience, and attempt to explain such matters as climate sensitivity, the relation of global mean temperature anomaly to extreme weather, that warming has decreased profoundly for the past 18 years, etc., it is obvious that the audience’s eyes are glazing over. Although I have presented evidence as to why the issue is not a catastrophe and may likely be beneficial, the response is puzzlement. I am typically asked how this is possible. After all, 97% of scientists agree, several of the hottest years on record have occurred during the past 18 years, all sorts of extremes have become more common, polar bears are disappearing, as…

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Prof Tom Anderson Shows His Ignorance

Seems to be much easier to become a prof than I remember from my days in academia. Pity his students.


By Paul Homewood

h/t 1saveenergy


Regular reader, 1saveenergy, popped along last week to listen to Prof Tom Anderson.

He was, to say the least, distinctly unimpressed, and gives us these thoughts:

Last week I attended my local science café meeting entitled:
“Why we should trust projections of global warming by climate models”
by Prof Tom Anderson from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

The speaker started with pictures of backlit cooling towers, an emaciated cow on dried mud, flooded streets & the ubiquitous polar bear on melting ice.

He referenced works of Fourier, Tyndall, Arrhenius, but ‘forgot’ to say the Arrhenius greenhouse theory was disproved by Robert Wood in 1909. He went on to describe the 1930s work of Guy Stewart Callendar but also ‘forgot’ to say that just before his death in 1964 Callendar realised he’d made a mistake on CO2; (sadly Callendar’s book was never published).

The speaker…

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Renewables Relief: Brexit Brings End to Britain’s Staggering Wind Power Subsidies

Cannot come soon enough!


As Britain begins to untangle itself from the web of subsidies, regulations and mandates set by green-left lunatics in Europe, its rent-seeking wind power outfits must be feeling as anxious as ever. The cost of intermittent and unreliable renewables can no longer be concealed (despite the climate cults’ best efforts) and, with that in mind, its ruling Conservatives are on a mission to return Britain to the days when power was both reliable and cheap.

Britain preparing to scrap EU green energy targets as part of a bonfire of red tape after Brexit
The Telegraph
Steven Swinford
14 April 2017

Britain is preparing to scrap EU green energy targets which will add more than £100 to the average energy bill as part of a bonfire of red tape after Brexit.

The UK is currently committed to getting 15 per cent of all energy from renewable sources such as…

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