Why Not Offset All The UK’s Emissions?

Why not offset all UK emissions for a measly £2.6B rather than pay £11B in subsidies plus the imminent astronomical costs of net zero? Because carbon offsetting is a financial scam appealing only to virtue signalling environmentalists.


By Paul Homewood

I covered a Telegraph report into carbon offsetting the other day, which raised serious doubts as to whether the claimed carbon dioxide emissions savings had even been achieved.

It got me thinking though, that if they really did work, why would we simply offset the whole country’s emissions and carry on with business as usual?

Climatecare are one of the outfits offering offsets, and according to their calculator below the cost would be £7.50 per tonne CO2:



At the last count, UK emissions totalled 344 Mt, it would cost the country £2.58bn to offset.

A bargain surely, given we are already paying £11bn a year in renewable subsidies and the trillions that the Net Zero strategy is going to cost us in the next thirty years!

This is proof, of course, that carbon offsetting is in reality a meaningless, ineffective option, which does little other than…

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