An excellent summary of how we got here with sound advice for Remain Voters to make a positive case for rejoining the EU rather than fighting a democratic decision.

Moraymint Chatter

Social Contract-2Some years ago when travelling I met Frank Dowd IV and his brother Roddey. The Dowd family established the Charlotte Pipe and Foundry company in 1901 in Charlotte, North Carolina; Frank and Roddey are directors of the company today. Both men are interested in, and active politically in the USA. Recently, Frank shared with me an article published by Geopolitical Futures entitled, ‘The Instability of Britain: Brexit is Less Important than the Increasing Fragility of Britain and the British Isles’. The article got me thinking and resulted in me writing this post.


Power and Influence

‘Power is the capacity to restructure actual situations. Influence is the capacity to modify the perceptions of others. Power and influence in combination determine political capability’

I C MacMillan
Strategy Formulation: Political Concepts
West Publishing Company

The chances are you’re not a Member of Parliament (albeit if you are, I hope you’re reading…

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