Powering the Tesla Gigafactory | Energy Matters

It would probably be a good idea for Mr. Musk to confirm that he can keep the lights on at Gigafactory #1 before he starts work on Gigafactory #2.
— Read on euanmearns.com/powering-the-tesla-gigafactory/


2 thoughts on “Powering the Tesla Gigafactory | Energy Matters

    • Most people ignore the downsides of batteries. The production cost to the environment is certainly bad but it will be dwarfed by the disposal costs. A similar issue will be starting soon in the UK with wind farms with an interesting test case coming up at Kirkby Moor Windfarm in Cumbria. Public enquiry in January – if not approved for extension then it will be the first large wind farm to be decommissioned – assuming the operator stays solvent.


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