BBC Mislead Public With Fake Heat Record Scares

More fake news from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Given their charter and massive publicly funded budget it is astonishing how they continue to get away with this. A shameless bunch of propagandists long overdue withdrawal of our licence fee.


By Paul Homewood

Now the BBC has jumped on the “record temperature” scam, set off in the Washington Post last week:


Parts of the world are sweltering in record temperatures – and it’s not a problem confined only to summer in the northern hemisphere.

Records are being broken across the globe – so where have things been particularly bad? And why is this happening?

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4 thoughts on “BBC Mislead Public With Fake Heat Record Scares

  1. It was the 6th day of >30C here today, one less than last year, and two more than the average of 4 days. In light of recent summers it is about par for the course. No temp records so far – what is much more noticeable if the near total lack of rainfall. And it looks like the 1976 record could go this week.

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