Ban On Controlled Burning Responsible For Spread Of Saddleworth Fire

The RSPB long ago stopped caring about birds in favour of anything to save the planet from climate change.


By Paul Homewood

h/t mud4fun/Dave Ward

As the Saddleworth Moor fire continues to spread, experts blame the fire’s severity on the ban on controlled burning:

From the Express:


Fires have been raging on Saddleworth Moor since last Sunday, while another has been burning in Mid-Wales since Thursday.

Forecasters have issued a yellow weather warning for thunder and lightning in the south-west and South Wales.

A spokesman said: “Given the dry, warm conditions obviously the lightning could lead to a wildfire risk. The storm will be quite impactful and will see surface water and potentially localised flooding.”

Firefighters declared a “major incident” yesterday, as two blazes converged on the West Pennine Moors above Bolton. More than 80 were deployed.

On Saddleworth Moor in the Peak District, over 160 firefighters and 100 soldiers were tackling the seven mile fire.

Locals blamed a ban on controlled burning for the wild fire. It was…

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2 thoughts on “Ban On Controlled Burning Responsible For Spread Of Saddleworth Fire

    • That must be a significant factor but it doesn’t excuse the RSPB’s obsession with climate change. Organisations like the RSPB, Natural England and WWF have been “infiltrated” by advocates of climatism and have lost sight of their core mission. We saw this locally in their pathetic response to large scale wind turbine applications.


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