Onshore Wind Development Collapses As Subsidies End

Hilarious to see the wind industry promoting onshore wind as the cheapest renewable source but still wholly reliant on public subsidy after all these years. A phrase involving the words “brass” and “necks” comes to mind.


By Paul Homewood

h/t Patsy Lacey

From the Independent:


The government failed to consider the climate or the economic costs of a policy change that contributed to the collapse of onshore wind in the UK.

Planning applications for new onshore wind developments have plummeted by 94 per cent since the introduction of new policies governing their construction in 2015.

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information rules for The Independent by Christine Ottery at DeSmog UK and environmental group 10:10 Climate Action have revealed the government did not conduct relevant impact assessments before implementing these changes.

They found no assessments had been made of how the new policies would affect carbon emissions, despite the key role onshore wind is thought to have in transitioning to a greener energy system and meeting climate targets.

There was also no detailed assessment of how policies would affect the future of the nation’s wind industry…

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