Energy Minister Dumbstruck as Renewable Energy Calamity Crushes Australian Businesses & Families

The tide is turning down under.


Energy Minster suffers from excess emissions of his own hot air.

In the midst of a self-inflicted power pricing and supply calamity, you’d hope your Energy Minister could identify the cause and fix it. When the Minister happens to be Josh Frydenberg, any hope of a sensible solution fast turns to disappointment, on its way to frustration and exasperation.

From the moment he took up the role in July 2016, Frydenberg went out of his way to become the ‘BFF’ of Australia’s renewables rent seekers: cavorting with them at renewable energy shindigs around the country, allowing them to occupy his office in Canberra on a time-share basis and going out of his way to never, ever offend them.

In pushing the National Energy Guarantee (which, if deployed as originally devised, spells the end to intermittent and unreliable renewables), Josh has been ‘de-friended’ by a number of his former BFFs, including…

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