Nature Wants You Dead

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

SPOTLIGHT: Nature isn’t nice. Nature isn’t kind. Nature will kill your children and grandchildren without a second’s thought or a backward glance. Naked and alone in the wilderness, we perish.

BIG PICTURE: It isn’t possible to protect ourselves from wind, rain, and subzero temperatures while having no impact on the natural world. Our choice is stark – either succumb to exposure or make use of natural resources.

Beavers, bees, ants, and termites all construct elaborate structures. They don’t leave the world as they’ve found it – they survive by sculpting it to suit their needs.

Nor is Nature pristine. Much of the water out there in the wilderness is not potable. Contaminated by mold, bacteria, heavy metals, and decomposing animal remains, it will make you ill.

TOP TAKEAWAY: We need to stop telling children that Nature is sacred. We especially need to stop telling them they should leave no…

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