Re-Launching January 1st

I am really looking forward to more great articles next year from one of the few decent journalists tackling issues that the mainstream are too cowardly to address.

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

This blog is adopting a new format. Posts will appear every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Book writers traditionally lock ourselves away while we’re working. We do everything possible to block out distractions. It’s all about maintaining our focus.

Bloggers are the exact opposite. They’re hyper-connected to the wider world, perpetually monitoring social media, news feeds, and headlines.

I’ve had difficulty juggling my various personas lately, and have been doing more reading than writing. There’s some truly wonderful thinking going on out there.

Beginning January 1st, therefore, this blog will re-launch with a new format. Posts will appear three times a week and will cover a wider range of topics. I’ll highlight an illuminating/provocative perspective, supply a hyperlink, and add some commentary.

My goal is to be concise, to produce easily-digestible appetizers that might tempt you, dear reader, to explore further. (Since 2009 this blog has published a good deal of…

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