Met Office Falsify Data To Prove “Hottest Bank Holiday”

MET = Ministry for Extreme Temperatures


By Paul Homewood


This is quite an amazing piece of evidence that the UK Met Office are actively involved in defrauding the public.

The above tweet was published early this morning, forecasting the day’s weather (Aug 28th).

Note that the record to beat was 28.3C.

A few hours later they triumphantly sent this tweet:


Miraculously, the previous record temperature dropped by 1.1C!

Is it surprising that nobody trusts official Met Office data any more?

The lengths that the Met Office, NOAA, GISS etc go to in order to distort the truth should surprise none of us now.

But this latest piece of fraud really does take the biscuit, as  many commenters have spotted.


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4 thoughts on “Met Office Falsify Data To Prove “Hottest Bank Holiday”

  1. This ‘record’ is utter nonsense. Since the August bank holiday was moved to the end of the month in 1971 the day has occurred on any day between 25th and 31st – how the hell can it be consistent? Of more note is that yesterday’s ‘record’ was nearly 6C cooler than the date record that was set in 1930. I’m sorry but the claim smacks of desperation by the MetO who are smarting from their poor summer forecast.


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