Scrap The Act

Long overdue.


By Paul Homewood

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President Trump’s decision to exit the Paris Agreement has brought to a head the arguments surrounding Britain’s Climate Change Act.

The UK is the only country in the world to commit itself by law to large cuts in emissions of GHGs. The Climate Change Act calls for a cut in emissions of 80% from 1990 levels by 2050.

According to government statistics, between 1990 and 2015 UK GHG emissions fell by 38%, from 797 to 497 MtCO2e. Therefore, to meet the 2050 target, emissions would have to fall to 159 MtCO2e, a cut of 68% from current levels.

One of the explicit aims of the Act was to demonstrate strong UK leadership internationally, in order to encourage other countries to follow our lead.

Patently, this has failed.

The Act should therefore be abolished for the following reasons.

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2 thoughts on “Scrap The Act

  1. The whole Act was an unbelievable confidence trick swallowed in its entirety by the House of Commons except for five Members who kept they senses. The foolish rest created a folly of unimaginable consequences. Already it has destroyed a once efficient energy industry, has created a monster of bureaucratic inefficiency employing many thousands and costing many billions.
    A most efficient coal fired power station, Drax, the best in all Europe, has ben destroyed at the peak of its efficiency, and converted to burning wood pellets, half the value of coal. Drax gets subsidies of about 400 Million pounds a year from the government. At a cost of many millions Drax has built three large factories in the USA to convert timber to pellets and in so doing many thousands of acres of forest are destroyed.
    The folly is perpetuated by an ignorant and uncaring government only matching the previous government in its incompetence.
    We are led by fools whose only ability is to squander money stolen from taxpayers by fraud and false pretences. The Climate Change Act, 2008 has been instrumental in impoverishing every household in the land and destroying most of our industry which cannot afford to buy energy any longer and worse is to come in the attempt to meet the legal obligations of the ACT.


    • Agreed. It really is staggering that we are still suffering this act. Just what will it take our politicians to come to their senses? It would be a good start if they could at least educate themselves about the costs, and then be honest with the electorate. I am not optimistic.


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