Please Sign & Support Our Petition: Let’s Scrap Expensive EU Renewable Energy Targets–GWPF

5 minutes to reduce fuel poverty, reinvigorate UK manufacturing and save the NHS … not a bad investment of your time!


By Paul Homewood


The GWPF has launched an online petition to scrap EU Renewables Targets:

Dear friends and supporters
The Global Warming Policy Forum today has launched an online petition, calling on the next government to scrap the EU Renewable Energy Directive and halt the rising energy policy costs for households and the overall economy.
I would be grateful if you would sign our petition and circulate it widely among your MPs, friends, family and colleagues.
The cost of Britain’s unilateral renewable energy policies is running out of control, the inevitable result of replacing cheap and reliable energy with expensive, intermittent sources.
In 2016, the combined costs of the Levy Control Framework (LCF) and carbon taxes reached over £9 billion.
According to official figures, the Climate Change Act will cost the UK economy over £300 billion by 2030, costing each household £875 per annum.
The first priority of British…

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