Prof Tom Anderson Shows His Ignorance

Seems to be much easier to become a prof than I remember from my days in academia. Pity his students.


By Paul Homewood

h/t 1saveenergy


Regular reader, 1saveenergy, popped along last week to listen to Prof Tom Anderson.

He was, to say the least, distinctly unimpressed, and gives us these thoughts:

Last week I attended my local science café meeting entitled:
“Why we should trust projections of global warming by climate models”
by Prof Tom Anderson from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

The speaker started with pictures of backlit cooling towers, an emaciated cow on dried mud, flooded streets & the ubiquitous polar bear on melting ice.

He referenced works of Fourier, Tyndall, Arrhenius, but ‘forgot’ to say the Arrhenius greenhouse theory was disproved by Robert Wood in 1909. He went on to describe the 1930s work of Guy Stewart Callendar but also ‘forgot’ to say that just before his death in 1964 Callendar realised he’d made a mistake on CO2; (sadly Callendar’s book was never published).

The speaker…

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