Emily’s Not So Smart Energy

This post deserves sharing as widely as possibly, particularly with our elected MPs. At some point someone in power has to have to courage to call a stop to this incredibly expensive white elephant.


By Paul Homewood

h/t 1saveenergy



Emily Gosden writes in The Times about the wonderful new world of smart meters:

Irene Farrell gestures towards the electric fire on the wall of her living room. “I never put that on now.” The 86-year-old used to rely on the fire and a plug-in halogen heater to keep warm, because the old electric storage heaters that were supposed to heat her tenth-floor flat in Newcastle were so useless. “It was dreadful. Freezing cold all the time. My husband was an invalid and the cold affected him terribly.”

Last winter, for the first time in her 13 years here, things were different. Smart control boxes wired into the storage heaters have transformed the way they work, keeping the flat warm throughout the day and putting the octogenarian in the unlikely vanguard of a transformation in the way that Britain uses electricity.

The nation’s energy…

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