GWPF Condemns Misleading Committee on Climate Change Report on Policy Costs


By Paul Homewood


The GWPF has also responded quickly and emphatically to the Committee on Climate Change’s grossly misleading report on the cost of climate policy:

Today’s statement on Energy Prices and Bills by Lord Deben’s Committee on Climate Change confirms growing suspicions that it is neither objective nor reliable as an advisor to the public about the true cost of climate policies.

The CCC’s attempt to reassure the public about the cost impact of climate policies is a misleading whitewash. Contrary to the spin of the CCC, their own figures show that almost all the projected increase in domestic electricity prices between 2016 and 2030 is the result of energy and climate policies.

According to the CCC’s own work (see chart 1.7) energy and climate policies have increased prices to domestic consumers by 33% in 2016. In other words they are 33% higher at present than they would…

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