US Scientific Integrity Rules Repudiate the UN Climate Process

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The US government says its a violation of scientific integrity for political officials to alter scientific findings. But political revision is a central part of how IPCC reports get produced.


Mere days before he left office, Barack Obama’s Department of Energy (DOE) introduced a sweeping new scientific integrity policy. This matters because the DOE is the largest funder of physical sciences in America, and because climate change is one of its core concerns.

Elsewhere, I’ve explained that the new policy is a startling departure from the one that prevailed while Obama was in charge. It seems designed to unleash mayhem. In both instances, however, the DOE was adamant concerning one issue: Politicians should not tamper with scientific findings.

The 2014 policy declares:

Political officialswill not suppress or alter scientific or technological findings. [italics added]

The 2017 policy says:

Under no circumstance may anyone, including a public affairs officer, ask…

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