Australia’s Energy Debacle Unplugged: Liberal Senator Chris Back Slams Wind Power


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There are very few Australian politicians who have bothered to do the slightest bit of homework on Australia’s energy policy, and even fewer still have taken the time to understand how Australia’s ridiculous renewable energy targets have destroyed once reliable grids and driven power prices through the roof. One who has managed to get to grips with Australia’s energy debacle is Western Australian Liberal Senator, Chris Back.

Here’s Chris being interviewed on 2GB radio just before Christmas last year.

Renewable Energy Costs
Mike Williams interviews Senator Chris Back
21 December 2016


Mike Williams: Now look, I thought we’d return to this issue of renewable energy because when I mentioned it on Tuesday morning, the board went into meltdown. It’s now apparent, governments across Australia are attempting to move towards renewable energy through wind farms and solar panels. But as you heard, many issues remain with both forms…

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