Why The UK Should Not Sign The Paris Agreement


By Paul Homewood


As you may be aware, a new group known as Clexit has recently been formed. Its aim is to campaign for countries either to refuse to ratify the Paris Agreement, or withdraw from it.

Clexit is already formed in 25 countries. One of the aims is to produce a well written case against ratification in each, and therefore I have drafted one for the UK.

Any comments would be welcome, and will be considered for final inclusion.

Please note that I have purposely laid this out as a largely political argument. I have therefore excluded any references to climate science for two reasons:

a) I do not want it to be summarily dismissed as the work of a “denier”.

b) The scientific case deserves to be presented in its own right, and preferably written by someone better qualified than me!

Last December, the world’s leaders, in the…

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