Unfortunately it looks like this assessment is correct.

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Once again the shameless cynicism of the British political class knows no bounds.  The death of Mrs Jo Cox MP was indeed another one of those ‘beneficial crises’ which the Eurocrats love so much, appalling as it was.  Short of a ‘Black Swan’ emerging from the flawed science of opinion polling, then I suspect that 50 years of Europropaganda will win the day on Thursday 23 June 2016.

For me, it is truly scary how powerful and effective that propaganda has been.  With the greatest of love and respect to them, a significant proportion of my educated, professional, middle-class friends (that’s not me being a snob, it’s the reality of my peer group) appear to have made little or no effort to research and understand the reality of The Lisbon Treaty, the history and ambitions of the European Union, the history of our own nation, nor the true meaning and implications…

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  1. I expect that the Referendum will be said to have been narrowly rejected, regardless of the actual number of votes. In that case the only way out is to emmigrate. Where? Canada is in the throes of juvenile regression, South Africa no way, Australia has leaders of both major parties posing as mental incompetents (although I’m not sure they’re posing) so that leaves New Zealand.
    Unless you want to emulate the Dutchman who decided in 1938 that Europe would be engulfed in war soon, and this would become a World War. So he dcided to go far, far away to a place no-one had even heard of, where surely he would be safe. He settled on the remote island of Guadacanal and I don’t know how it worked out.


    • It’s an interesting idea to consider, just where is a there a sane place to live on this planet? I think we are forced to take a least worst approach. Perhaps a few of us could chip in for an island somewhere and leave the world to it’s own devices. It’s hard to credit that we had such a thing as the enlightenment in this dismally stupid age.


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