Polarization may cause climate communication to backfire (so might Tweets from Michael Mann)

Yet more public money poured down the drain on “research”. I have always defended pure research but to waste tax payers dollars in this? It seems universities will do anything to bring in the research grants and they are encouraged to do so. I wonder how much all the nonsense like this adds up to?

Watts Up With That?

From DUKE UNIVERSITY and the department of Mannian screaming and insults, comes this attempt to yet again, find the perfect message to sway climate skeptics.

megaphone-climateMessages that conflict with audience’s partisan identity fail, exacerbate opposition

DURHAM, N.C. — Political advocates who support action on climate change have long sought “the perfect message” for swaying skeptics. If the issue can be framed correctly, they believe, the battle can be won.

A new Duke University study suggests it may be more complicated than that.

“Because climate change has become polarized along party lines, it’s no longer just an issue of finding ‘the right framing’ to convey relevant facts,” said study author Jack Zhou, who will graduate with a Ph.D. in environmental politics next month from Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. “It has become a matter of political identity, particularly the political party we feel closest to.”

Even efforts to frame climate…

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