Amber Rudd – Brexit could see UK energy costs rocket by half a billion pounds

Who in their right mind is going to be taken in by this nonsense? It’s only because successive governments have contrived to kill off fossil fuel power generation that we are in the mess we are.


By Paul Homewood

Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, has joined in the Project Fear campaign to dissuade Brexit voters. In a speech yesterday, she claimed that UK energy costs could rocket by £500 million.

Apparently this is based on a report from the National Grid, which she describes as “neutral in this debate” (yes, pull the other one Amber!)

She offers no explanation for these extra costs, other than:

The European internal energy market is about making sure it is cheaper and easier for us to buy and sell energy.

Without barriers – a level playing field.

This is Britain’s agenda – trade and liberalisation to drive down prices – which has now been embraced by the rest of Europe.

It was Britain that pushed to break up the monopolies on building cross-border cables, like the one we are at today, exposing them to proper competition that drives down…

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