Better Late Than Never

The scandalous waste of money at the UEA finally gets into the main stream media. Don’t hold your breath for this to be reported by the BBC though.


By Paul Homewood


The EDP has finally caught up with internet bloggers!

Almost £13m has been spent by the University of East Anglia (UEA) on two environmental schemes that have not materialised, it has emerged.

Prof Trevor Davies from the UEA. Picture: DENISE BRADLEYProf Trevor Davies from the UEA. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

UEA bosses have defended its green credentials as we can reveal £10.5m was spent building a biomass power plant on its Norwich campus, which never worked.

This, coupled with the £2.25m already put into the now mothballed Generation Park plan, has led to accusations of wasting public money, with a large proportion of the university’s income generated from tuition fees and publicly-funded grants.

The biomass plant plan was announced in 2007 and hailed as being key to reducing carbon emissions at the UEA and increasing the amount of electricity generated on campus.

However, despite £10.5m being spent on capital costs alone, the gasification process in…

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