The EU Water Framework Directive & The Role Played By Green NGO’s

Paul Homewood looks under the bonnet of EU legislation and highlights the undemocratic and excessive influence of green NGOs. Nothing in the over-hyped Cameron EU “deal” will have the slightest impact on this situation.


By Paul Homewood


The EU Water Framework Directive: part 1. European policy‚Äźmaking and the changing topography of lobbying

The European Water Framework Directive 2000 has been the source of much controversy, regarding its impact on river dredging. It was notable as being one of the first ones to be created through the co-decision process, in which the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament have joint influence over the final text.

However, as the above paper reveals, it also marked a step change in the way that environmental lobby groups were allowed to influence policy.

The introduction sets the scene:



The paper goes on to reveal that:

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