Shock horror, BBC interviews a sceptic

As many will know who take an interest in these things, a recent GWPF newsletter reported that France Télévisions has sacked their weather man, Philipe Verdier, for having the temerity to write a book Climate Investigations challenging the orthodoxy on climate change impacts.


Here we have a man who believes in climate change but suggests that some of the impacts will be positive and some of the worse ones will not be a problem to developed nations like France.

Given the blatant bias in BBC broadcasting on climate change I was rather surprised to find the following interview available on the world service:

Suspended weatherman speaks

What is less surprising is the tone of the interviewer and the blatant spinning of climate hysteria. Apparently Australia is in a deep drought due to climate change, whilst other countries are flooded and there are increasing numbers of climate refugees! Seriously.

Interesting, despite agreeing that he is known as “Mr Weather” at no point did the interviewer acknowledge that perhaps he might know what he is talking about. She did question his timing in releasing the book just before the COP21 conference in Paris as if that was a bad thing. Doh!

All that nonsense is bad enough but the chilling phrase I noted was when the interviewer summarised that his main problem was related to “this freedom of speech idea” (at 3:43) . That tells you everything you need to know about the BBC today on this topic.


5 thoughts on “Shock horror, BBC interviews a sceptic

  1. Like you, I was surprised that the BBC ran this interview – until I listened to it. I appreciate that I have a point of view on this subject, and am not entirely a disinterested listener, and of course everything depends on one’s viewpoint. But to me it seems that the BBC decided that they needed to do a hatchet job on Verdier. Bearing in mind that Verdier was at a disadvantage inasmuch as he was not conducting the interview in his native language, this struck me as a gloves off, no holds barred attack by the BBC interviewer. Her hatred for him and what he has done oozed out of her throughout the interview. Imagine how differently the BBC would have played it on a programme like “You and Yours” if they had decided to run an article on, say, someone sacked for whistle blowing in the NHS – the emphasis would have been completely the other way round. In the circumstances (being subjected to such blatant hostility in what I assume is his second language) I thought he did very well, and retained a calm sense of dignity throughout – unlike the BBC’s interviewer.


    • I have experienced a BBC Radio Manchester interview personally when campaigning against the local wind farm extension. I was warned they would play “devil’s advocate”, which I was prepared for, but it came across in the same vein as Philippe’s interview. When I heard the full report later on iPlayer there was no such treatment of the pro-windfarm suppliers.


  2. Listen again, yes of course the BBC is completely negligent in its climate reporting, and that female reporter lives in lahlahland* (saying stuff like “the vast majority of the worlds scientists believe” etc.) , but she does NOT seem to genuinely believe Australia is in drought right now, it seems to mewas just a quick of the cuff thing as she struggled to find the right words…and was not followed by any further assertion on that matter.

    Your other points you make about the interview may be valid.


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