2015 GWPF Annual Lecture – Patrick Moore – ‘Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide?

I always enjoy hearing Patrick speak and would have been in the audience had it not been for other commitments. Unfortunately I would only have swelled the ranks of the grey haired ones. It is sad that so few young people attended and shameful that we are brain washing our young minds with “carbon pollution”.

The analysis and conclusions that Patrick described are difficult to refute though Patrick welcomed an open debate. I would love to watch him demolish Gavin Schmidt (NASA) in public but I suspect that man is too cowardly to face him. Patrick’s conclusions do not rely on complex models, hypotheses or assumptions.Rather, he employs straightforward interpretation of historical data and simple extrapolations based on observed trends and incontrovertible facts about the role of CO2 in plant growth.

The graphics of Montreal under ice due to only a small projected fall in temperature ought to cause even an alarmist to choke on his organic cornflakes. I do not understand the mass insanity that seems to have gripped the world other than it is clearly driven by political and not scientific motives. Patrick Moore is not alone in standing against this insanity but he is at the forefront and I am grateful for that.


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