UK Renewables Still in LaLa Land

Here’s an interesting quote from a 2011 Daily Mail article highlighted by the GWPF:

Adam Bell, of Renewables UK, which represents the wind industry, said that last year wind farms generated enough electricity to power two million homes, and would cost the same to produce as fossil fuels by 2016.

He added: ‘Wind technology is working now. The era of cheap energy is over due to rising oil and gas prices and if we are first to invest, we will have a powerful technology which will create thousands of jobs.’

A few observations:

a) They might have instantaneously been able to do that but could they do it continuously? Of course not. What do we power our hospitals, schools, businesses and homes with when the wind isn’t blowing?

b) Fossil fuels cost about a third of the subsidies for onshore wind and are reliable. The economic and physical reality hasn’t changed since 2011 and it won’t change by next year.

c) He was correct that the era of cheap energy is over, but for the wrong reasons. Oil price crashed and gas is not getting more expensive, mainly due to fracking in the US. However cheap energy for consumers is no closer because of the renewables subsidies. Offshore wind subsidies are still set to double, so we will still be looking at about £27bn of subsidies by 2030 according to Paul Homewood.

d) As regards jobs, our local wind farm applicant Coronation Power said their wind farm would create 3 full time jobs. What will the cost of these jobs be, forgetting the damage to the heritage, the environment, tourism and recreation? He also forgot to mention that conventional power creates many more permanent non-subsidised highly skilled jobs than renewables ever could.

It’s no wonder that the government have called a halt to the handouts, it’s just surprising it took so long.

More here:

Ex-Chancellor backs Philip over attack on wind farms which Duke described as ‘absolutely useless’


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