The Maldives’ Latest Underwater Airport

Clearly the Maldives is not as concerned about sea level rise as we were led to believe. In the same vein as Al Gore building a
his mansion on the coast.


By Paul Homewood


News from the Maldives that their latest airport has just opened:

Ifuru Airport has been officially opened on Thursday, 28th of May 2015 at a ceremony held on the island of Ifuru. The recently developed domestic airport located in Raa Atoll was inaugurated by the Maldives President, Abdulla Yameen.

A joint venture was made between Argo Marine Pvt Ltd and the Government to construct the airport under Ifuru Investments and was formed on 3rd May 2011. Five percent of the company is controlled by the government and the agreement made was that the investment company should be granted three islands to develop holiday resorts.

There are now 4 international Airports and 7 domestic airports in the island nation Maldives.

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