Letter to David T.C. Davies, MP

Here is a copy of a letter I recently sent to David T.C. Davies, MP for Monmouth, which I copied to our local MPs and councillors.

Dear David,

I came across your recent speech on YouTube:

It was quite astonishing but heartening to see an MP with a full grasp of the facts putting forward an eloquent and reasoned argument on climate change.

For the benefit of those copied, you highlighted how the climate has always changed, been hotter and colder than now with more and less CO2 than now. I particularly welcomed your forensic analysis of the IPCC statements on our contribution, showing that less that half the 0.8 deg C rise in the last 250 years is down to ourselves.

You also highlighted the extraordinary costs of renewable energy and how utterly pointless it is in reducing man-made CO2 emissions. For the record I also worked for British Steel early in my career and fully support your concerns about exporting energy intensive jobs overseas.

I urge all politicians to take a leaf out of your book and be brave enough to stand up to the nonsense coming out of Europe, particularly with respect to the discussions to take place in Paris later this year.

Now if only you could get this promoted in the main stream media…

Yours sincerely,


H/T to ScottishSceptic


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