Red Ed’s Climate Change Law

Interesting bit of political history. Apparently hardly any MP had any idea of the costs or practicality of achieving their ludicrous climate targets. The only way the energy companies will be able to cope with capped pricing by a new labour administration is by reducing investment. Vote labour and kiss goodbye to pensions invested in energy companies along with security of supply. If you have never lived through blackouts like those of us of a certain age then you may find this notion fanciful but it’s not much fun in practice. Just hope your business, school or hospital has back up power generation available.


By Paul Homewood

h/t A C Osborn


Booker reminds us of the big, fat elephant in the room, which everybody except for UKIP are trying to tip toe around.

One astonishing fact not getting a mention in this bizarrely unreal election campaign is that Ed Miliband can already claim to have been by far the most expensive politician in Britain’s history.

This is because it was he more than anyone else who in 2008 was responsible for pushing through the final version of the Climate Change Act — on official figures easily the most costly law passed by Parliament.

Thanks entirely to a last-minute amendment by Miliband, this Act commits us within 35 years to cutting Britain’s emissions of carbon dioxide, or CO2, by a staggering 80 per cent — to a level so low it hadn’t been seen since the early 19th century.

Even on figures sneaked out…

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