UK Election: Brit’s Insane Wind Power Policy the “Elephant in the Room”

No sign of an intelligent discussion on the true cost of subsidies in the election campaign, and Scotland’s insane march towards decarbonisation.


elephant-in-the-room1 Don’t mind me, I’m just here to wallow in the endless subsidy trough, crush the poor, and to destroy what’s left of Britain’s economic future.


Britain’s insane wind power policy is, like elsewhere, the invisible policy-pachyderm.

No-one with skin in the political game dares to speak about its true costs, its full impacts on power punters, or on how it threatens the very ability of a grid designed for on-demand generation sources to function, with the addition of an utterly unreliable; and, therefore, utterly pointless power source.

STT has been watching Britain’s wind power fiasco unfold for some time now, and here’s just a few examples:

James Delingpole: UK’s Wind Power Debacle Reaches “High Farce”

Wind Power Goes AWOL Right When Freezing Brits Need It Most

UK’s Out of Control Wind Power Debacle Sets Brits up for Winters of Discontent

Brits Belted by Insanely Expensive and Utterly Unreliable…

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