Wind Power Goes AWOL Right When Freezing Brits Need It Most

Does Ed Davey ever talk to his colleagues in the Department of Health I wonder? As a critical service one must assume that the DoH have a formal risk identified for how they will run ICU’s in future hospitals powered by wind and solar. Worth an FoI request perhaps?


cold lady Rug up love, thanks to DECCs & Britain’s brewing wind
power debacle, you’ll soon be freezing in the dark.

The hackneyed myth that wind power “powers” millions of homes with wonderful “free” wind energy is taking a beating around the globe (see our post here).

The idea that a wholly weather dependent power generation source can ever be – as is touted endlessly by the wind industry and it parasites – an “alternative” to conventional generation is, of course, patent nonsense.

If there wasn’t already a complete power generation system built around on-demand sources, such as gas, coal, nuclear or hydro – then a country trying to run on wind power would – unless it was keen to revisit (or remain in) the stone age – would inevitably need to build one (see our post here). So far, so insanely costly, and utterly pointless.

Now, just…

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